Thursday, January 31, 2008

Grand Blog Opening!!!

THANK YOU dear husband of mine, for getting me up and running! (Well, technically, I'm usually up and running - this is just an opportunity for me to do it sitting down!)

We are arrived in Colorado, and slowly settling in. It's very nice to have our clothes (mostly) put away, and I haven't seen Wyatt faint from the realization of what he's gotten himself into - not yet anyway - or if he has, he has been polite enough to do it in the privacy of his own room!

I am thankful to say that we are back into the swing of school.

Today I had Zachary work on copying a letter he dictated to me yesterday. He had hardly begun, when he looked at me with a troubled expression "this is too hard Mom" he said.

"Just WHEN do you expect it to be easy?" I asked him.

I'm so thankful the children ARE learning, if a little at a time. The trick is in keeping them interested. I sure am proud of them!


Susanna hollers from the back seat of the van:

"Your CHILDREN want to eat tacos!!"