Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Look for the Love Bugs!

Okay... I really need to do some other things besides playing right now, and intended to make the pink background last until the new month.

Alas, I was very tired of it
weeks ago!!

So here's our new look! (for now:-))
Here's a few recent pictures of the little Bugs to tickle you pink!


Clayton says to me "They must have to kill a lot of chickens to fill a package of chicken legs, because chickens only have two feet!"

And Zachary tells me "Sue got a paper cut on a very sensible part of her finger."
(read sensitive:-))

And !
OUCH! Does this look like it HURT?!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Things Worth Pondering

"See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time because the days are evil. Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is" Ephesians 5:17

This is a piece of our morning reading that stuck with me today. (Lately it's unusual for anything to stick with me!)
I just now looked at these verses in greater depth, and here's a fairly accurate Analene interpretation;

"See then that you walk exactly, diligently and perfectly. Not as fools but as wise, to rescue from loss the time because the days are evil.
Do not become mindless, ignorant, rash, stupid, or unbelieving. But consider, comprehend, and put together what the will (desire, purpose, inclination, and pleasure) of the Lord is."

Does this make an impression on anyone else out there?
I have been SO TIRED lately. I have been trying to implement all kinds of new things into our family's schedule. I am desperately attempting to check everything off my lists, so am missing opportunities to impart tools to my children that will be of much more value to them than whether they have written out all their spelling words (not to mention the consideration of what will glorify my Lord the most!).

My question is first; Do I comprehend the desire and pleasure of the Lord for my life?

And then, HOW can I rescue the time so it is not lost?

Tonight I don't have an answer ready for these questions, but I can tell you that I will be chewing on this a lot. Pray for me as I seek to make my life productive in the tangible aspects while capturing the moments that count for eternity.

He is faithful!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Some of This, and Some of That...

It's been a wonderful, fun, full last couple days!
Grama, you are the BEST! And I'm so excited (selfishly) that you have internet now, so you can see our blog - YAY!

We are really missing you, and I can't believe you couldn't stop by for lunch today!=o)
We woke up to a blanket of white this morning, though the sky is sunny now, and the snow melting off.

Mom and I did some painting while she was here, and it turns out that I didn't have enough paint on hand for the projects she was ready to tackle. That is really no surprise, and it's a good thing I didn't, or I never would have got her to sit down and visit, or play ping pong with me!
This large house is finally beginning to look lived in! I think Wyatt is being a great sport!

In other news, before I forget; Carolina Truth turned four months old last week! Wow, how time flies:-) She is beginning to try grabbing things with her hands, she is quite a talker with lots of loud happy noises, and seems to be ever so pleasant and content. I certainly cherish her!

I am posting a couple pictures of my sweet Susanna with her new pink thing - can you see it?
This was a special gift Daddy Bug and I got for her because she has been without her blankie or fingers for several weeks now! This is a momentous thing for Sue, and we are very proud of her.
I sometimes wonder if it was harder for
her, or harder for this sentimental Mom!
Mah babies ah growin' up!!

Too much fun:-)

Friday, February 22, 2008

A Lighter Me!

Howdy! I took advantage of Grama's presence to get out for a hair trim. I really DO feel a lot lighter, but I'm happy to have a change, and I could justify it because I donated ten inches to Locks of Love. This is the second time in less than two years, so that should give you an idea how fast my hair grows!
I also didn't feel too bad because when AJ was handing over the cash for this luxury, his words were "They'd better take 45 dollars worth!"
For those of you who know my husbands preference for long hair, this would sound a little out of character!! (He wouldn't put it in writing, however).

We also took advantage of our babysitter to enjoy a date. We went to Landry's seafood restraunt and ordered the crab feast to share. The food was pretty good, but the company was even better!!
After that we went furniture shopping. I actually really enjoy this kind of date, as furniture shopping is just not the same with five buglets along! It's always fun to get the "oh how cute" and "just you wait" comments and looks from the people who assume we are new parents (we took Carolina with us).
I don't mind. It's one of the small pleasures in life to see them reel when we mention that we have four more at home!:-)
Another reason I like furniture shopping? It involves a lot of sitting and visiting - who could ask for more?!
Like I said, it's the little things...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Grama's Here!

Hooray! Grama's finally here!!
I've been too busy enjoying her company (and help) to play with my blog, but I'll no doubt catch up later:-)
We got a special room ready just for Grama - you may see the red in the background. Clayton kept asking when I was painting, "does grama really like red?". I assured him that was so, but didn't bother to add that I had consulted my own taste since Grama's only visiting for five days!
If Grama likes it well enough to stay...
Well that would be fine too!

We're certainly enjoying her, though she may possibly be tired of reading the same five books she brought, over, and over, and over...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Today's Goings-on

Little monkey at the top of the ladder (Daddy was at the bottom). He has been wanting to climb on Uncle Wyatt's banister so bad! If not that... the couch?
Uncle Wyatt doesn't have a tree worth climbing, and Clayton's been suggesting a climbing wall "like Uncle Charlie's", but in the mean-time I hope to make some friends that have some good out door playing!

We got to church this week, and once again really enjoyed ourselves! My head is spinning with the accumulation of so many new names and faces - I'm just glad that people have been generous enough to come say hello!
There's Gina-who-has-four-girls, and a-new-baby-boy (her husband makes rocket parts for NASA?), then there's Lori and Scott -who-have-the-family-of-eight-children-and-take-up-a -whole-row! Amber and Mark, Scott and Kimberly, Mike and Trish, Len and Holly, Carrie and Scott (there's a lot of Scott's at this church, huh?!)
Anyway, you get the idea.

Here at the house, a Contractor was working away at the garage door today. We are having it extended upwards so we can park the van inside. Apparently the neighborhood is likely to complain if there is a honkin' oversized van parked in front of Wyatt's house all the time. I suggested we just tint the windows darker, and get the Mercedes emblem kit, then we could look a little more posh in keeping with the Jones's! Unfortunately my idea fell on
two sets of deaf ears. There goes my final attempt at those fancy rims... O'well =o)

Please take note of my little Olie brushing her teeth, and Susie helping me make pancakes this morning.
Also, the last picture is of my number one son voluntarily washing all the dishes in the sink after breakfast! What a guy!

Well, on to the next thing! Duty and honor calls (not to mention a very stinky diaper that has insisted on residing next to my desk chair these past ten minutes!!)


Saturday, February 16, 2008


This is the kitchen after I got loose in there with a paint brush - it's almost done:-)

Yep. I bought more paint before using up what I already had. Don't say anything just yet...
I fully plan (and even expect) to finish all the projects I've started! My mom is coming for a visit next week, and that seemed like a good deadline for getting the guest room painted. So anyway, I'm not painting the "town" red, but I am painting the guest bedroom that color! That's exciting enough for me:-) The earth has settled so much under the house, that the doors on that room won't close (or open) anymore - but not to worry, if you come to stay with us you will be able to shower in privacy thanks to my sweet honey. He took four doors today and trimmed them so they will now function - sort of. Really the house needs to be straightened! Daddy Bug walked through all the steps for sweeping the kitchen properly with Clay, and Z vaccumed the living room for me. I'm going to work on training the little Bugs to do more of the house work, so I can focus on other things. (Like painting?!!) I was impressed with both the boys, so now I just need to follow up often enough that they get the idea that it's their responsibility! I'll work on it in my spare time:-)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day Delights...

LOVE TO YOU...and You...and you!

Someone reminded me today of the greatest gift of love ever - God's gift of His Son Jesus Christ!

There were/are many men and women who have sacrificed their lives and comfort for the Love of Christ.

How much do I love Him?

What can I offer as a pleasing sacrifice to Him in worship for His loving kindness to me?

Today would be a great opportunity to thank the Lord for His mercy; and thank Him for those who love Him enough to suffer for spreading the gospel.

I am grateful for every occasion to celebrate people I love; to do special things, and say special words.
However in the precious ten years I have been married to AJ, I have learned that it is more important to behave as I should
every day. I myself, have tried all the excuses for why this isn't possible. You know what? It's way more possible than I first thought!

Because of The Lord and lots of practice, it is now difficult for me and AJ to find ways to make these occasions more special than an average day!

Praise HIM who imparts power to do the impossible! (And I love YOU babe!)

[For my five Valentines to AJ, see above photo =oP]

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Who... MY Children?!!

Today was our first solo outing since arriving in Colorado two and a half weeks ago.

I took the little Buglets to Target (my favorite store!) for a few things I needed, but also to browse.

"browsing" is one of the worst things to children, and because of that, it's usually not too fun for mom either.
However, my options were rather limited. It was either: take them and go, or... well the other choice wasn't an option today.

So the boys completed their math assignments before 9:00 this morning, and with breakfast eaten, and baby fed, we loaded up!
I bet we spent two hours in that store, and I was very aware that we were drawing a lot of attention (the cart was especially full with two babies, and lots of "stuff", for one thing).

My little Bugs were AWESOME!!! So patient and well behaved. They stayed near; behind me without blocking the isle; I hardly heard a complaint, and didn't even bribe them!!! (Bribery is against my scruples, by the way)
I'd like to take credit for my hard work in training, but I know who really deserves the credit - thank YOU Lord!

Okay so here's the fun part (brag brag); When I was checking out, I had all four bigger Bugs stand in a row next to the food court in front of the check-outs. My cashier was so impressed, she couldn't stop commenting.

Then, another young mom went out of her way to get my attention and said "If I could get mine to behave that well, I could imagine having five!"

As I was trying to get out the door I was accosted by another cashier who left her station to grab my cart "I just can't believe how well behaved those children are! I was commenting to this lady at my check-out, and she said 'I know, and I've been watching her through the whole store, and they were that great the whole time!'"
AS I was finally getting loose, a customer in line congratulated me with wonderment on her face!

So, don't you think that was worth bragging about?
I was positively glowing as I left the store!
I even took my children to lunch to commended them for their excellence!!

I hardly have anything else to add. That story just eclipsed the rest of the day:-)

I love YOU, Little Bugs!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

SNOW: Better from the Inside!

Mushy brain tonight!

The children got to get outside today. They still see the snow as an inconvenience, so other than stomping through it enough to get their boots caked with it, and touching it enough to turn their little finger into ice cubes, they haven't had much to do with it!

It was a good day for schoolwork, and a little house cleaning.

Also, do you want to see a couple of Carolina's scrapbook pages? That was last evenings project, and I'm making a good dent in the photos.
It feels great to be able to check one more thing off the list!

Now if I can just get her birth announcement done...

Monday, February 11, 2008

My Loves...

Snow today! It was a beautiful sunshiny day yesterday, and this evening, snow.

I love it! Big feathery flakes we can watch out the living-room picture window. It's fun to see it slowly cover the ground, the paths, roads, and even Zachary's dump truck!

We didn't quite get to church yesterday, due to a dead car battery. Of course we didn't find that out until we were all loaded up, but that is the way! Thankfully we were all able to change gears without too much difficulty.

I have ben trying to figure out how to get up early without having all the little Bugs join me! Don't get me wrong, I always love their company, but the morning comes with it's chores -and they usually need tending to directly (such as diapers)!
Also there is the issue of there not being enough "steam" in the little engines to last through the whole morning. That makes school-work difficult, as when something is discovered to be work (heaven forbid!) there is a sudden and complete melt-down (the Bugs, not me - although sometimes it comes to that!).

I am going to write a post about Oatmeal, and other grains for breakfast, so if anyone want's to add their two cents, leave a comment and I might humor you!

Hope you all enjoy our "singing" (if you can call it that). This is just the first verse of four that the children have learned. I'm pretty proud of them as we are not a singing family (no kidding, you say!). Well give me a little credit - PLEASE! I do what I can:-)

My Lego Maniacs!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Too Pink, You Think?

Hmmm. This may be a bit too pink for my taste, but it is the month of hearts and other such foof, so you may have to put up with it a while longer.

Well it seems that my fellow bloggers have had a rough day, so it is up to me to be a bastian of light and hope for my sisters! (I'm glad it's not Friday too, Super Momma, and I'll thank you for NOT sharing your chicken pox with my family!)
So much for the "Life Application Skills" day (That's what Friday's are supposed to be). I settled for having it just be a "Survive Through The Rest of It" day, and thankfully I
met that criteria!

One of the things that redeemed my day yesterday was making breakfast with Clay. At the beginning of the week he asked if we could "make fried eggs on Friday, because they both have 'Fri' in them!".

The other fun things were having AJ help with the kitchen painting (the places I can't reach), and then having Gabe over for dinner. In case you didn't know, (and I'm only telling you because there are no secrets with that man) he has a very exciting love life right now and might actually hook the girl! - Personally, I've always thought it might happen sooner if he expanded his criteria to include girls over twenty! (Love you Gabe!) The Lord's ways are perfect:-)

Today our family went shopping. Yes, I know that sounds very thrilling - taking five small children grocery shopping, but... we actually had a nice time.

We tried out a different Costco and found it to be much nicer (though it is farther away) than the one we usually frequent. AJ found the office chair he was looking for, and found out that the one they had was a return, they don't stock it anymore, and gave him a $50 discount! THANKS LORD!
We also discovered a bread store in the vicinity, and a Whole Foods store. THAT was a fun stop! They have so much cool stuff you can't find anywhere else. Their bulk foods isle had a ton of variety, and besides some nuts and grains, I bought some cacao nibs -just because I wanted to try them! We didn't buy too much though, they were a little out of budget at $20 a pound;-)

AJ said it would be worth driving to that part of town once every few weeks - there were so many good stores on that stretch of road (you can understand that to mean there was a Sportsman's Warehouse, an REI, and a Starbucks - what else does a guy really need, right Uncle Hightower?!!)

Well... even though we haven't finished painting the kitchen, we stopped and bought two more colors of paint for the next two projects! Just couldn't help ourselves;-}
We also got pillows for the pillowcases Gramsie has on the way, and a bulletin board for tacking up a few of my favorite faces!

I took Sue to the park next door to try out the slide (she's my "slide girl", and has wanted to get over there for the past several months). We had a nice little walk over and back, but there was still quite a lot of snow in the playground, and even though the play equipment seemed dry enough, her overalls stuck to the slide and she had to inch her way down! What a let-down! She was a good sport anyway, but is now trying to talk me into finding
another park with a
better slide!
Sometimes I feel so worn out from having to solve such complicating problems!!!=P
Oh well, all in a days work for a momma bug, I guess!

I should probably stop here. I seem to be having too much fun:-)
If I can't post my photo's in this blog, go to the bottom of the page for new photos. My program has been giving me fits!
-By the way, Super Momma, my computer read the hyroglyphics you sent back to me for an example (are you sure you're not delirious? just though I'd check).
Tee-hee!! I realize you haven't been having quite enough sugar, and thought..........


Love to you each,
Momma of the Love Bug clan:-)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Gramsie Dearest & Goodies!

Dearest Grams, Your (long-awaited) package arrived yesterday afternoon. And with great fanfare the children opened and distributed the contents!
The boys were thrilled to receive their Lego's and construction supplies, and the girls couldn't be more happy with the perfect surprise you sent for them - even 'Lina is enjoying her dolly!!

I tried to get this post up last night, but the first video clip I took (of the children bringing in the box) was too long to load, and I had lots of trouble.
Alas, I have had time to mess with it this morning since we've all been up early. Everyone was eager to play with their new toys! I discovered Zachary up at 4:30 am, and made him climb into bed a little longer** You'd be impressed (but not surprised) to see the progress he is making on his Lego truck all by himself.

You blessed us immensely, and we are very thankful for your love (Pop's too:-))
All our hearts,
Seven thankful Love Bugs:-)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Food For Thought...

Miss Carolina is discovering her hands. It makes me to laugh to see her cross-eyed as she stares intently at the curious objects in front of her! She works so hard at something seemingly insignificant. Hmmm... do I do that?

In answer to those who asked about this new church, we've only gone twice, so time will give us more information to share with you.
The children are called up front to participate in part of the service catered just to them, but for most the two hours they sit with their families.
There is a subtle buzz in a room full of wiggly little ones, but I find it to be less distracting than a perfectly quiet sanctuary where one infant cries out.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the idea, let me say that from the start of our parenting careers we (AJ and I) have believed in the importance of having our children with us in church.

1) Who's job is it to impart Biblical instruction and understanding to our children?

2)I don't go to church to "have a break" from my children.

3)I want them to be able to sit for a couple hours - self-control will be a lifelong tool!

4)I prefer not to leave my children in the influence of others, unattended by me (be it other children, OR adults, and I'll let you to chew on that yourself).

For our family, sitting together is an extension of everything else we do. We do everything together, and it builds unity and purpose for our family when we share our lives with our children in this way.
I sometimes allow my girls to bring a baby doll, and occasionally the boys get to bring a pen and notepad.
I do make a point to practice sitting still several times a week for an hour, to hour and a half each time. At these times I might read to the children, put on the Bible on CD, or some good Bible teaching.
I require the little Bugs to not talk, and to sit as still as I see reasonable. This training pays off across the board: Just this Summer a couple old guys annonamously paid our dinner bill at a nice restraunt where we ate - they enjoyed watching US enjoy our well behaved children!!
Personally, I think THAT is a real testimony of what sets us apart as followers of Christ Jesus.

(I will add the humble disclaimer that I am always grateful when others get to witness the GOOD fruit of our labors, and not the inevitable sinned nature that often shows up instead!)

God is very gracious indeed! I'd love to hear your thoughts:-)

Monday, February 4, 2008

School Anyone?

WHEW! I don't know about the children, but Mom's tired out!
Today we started a new schedule in an attempt to fill our days a little more efficiently.
I will incorporate our Hymn singing, Bible reading, Literature, and Reading practice with both boys, into
each day.
Then two days a week we'll focus on Spelling, Printing, Copy-work, and Creative writing (stories, and letters); two days a week we'll focus on Math; and Fridays will be Life Application skills ie. anything we can learn in a practical hands-on setting. We'll probably hit Geography, Home Ec., History, and trivial things we can enjoy exploring on the computer.

This morning we were successful in our ventures with the exception of Spelling - I'm not sure how much I should expect of the boys (they definitely decided that writing out a bunch of words for no obvious reason was WORK!). It just so happens that some parts of life are that way... and even
I have a hard time accepting that!

Anyway, Zack wanted to find out about Iodine, since his cantine has a pouch for iodine tablets. We had fun reading a little about it on line, and then Giardia, and that led to the some trivia on Small Intestine (did you know that a 5 year old's small intestine is 21 feet long?!). Now
THAT'S what I call school!!!

As you can see by the pictures, Olivia LOVES to read - I'm not sure how she does it upside down, but I guess that's not so important at this point:-)

Everyone sends their love, as always!
-Momma Love Bug

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Every Little Whim...

This blog is titled "every little whim" because to day I am thinking about how gracious God is to grant us those little things that aren't crucial to survival.

Today we attended church - a church that appears to be a fit for our family at this time.
It is called The Mountain, and is a "family integrated" church (meaning the whole family participates together in one service, rather than everyone going to his or her segregated classes).

In this body, there seems to be an overwhelming majority of children! All are home schooling families, and we had the opportunity to meet some fun folks today. I made a new friend via email, and met her for the first time today. She reminded me a bit of my cousin Melissa, so I expect it will be a bit difficult for her to live up to my expectations!!
The church service is two hours +, and is taught by one of several pastor/elders. All the little ones sit impressively well ( including my own, which is amazing for as little practice as we've had!)

Anyway, I am excited to find such a gathering of like-minded people so soon, and perhaps, just perhaps... some kindred spirits?

Thank You Lord! You bless us exceedingly, abundantly, above all we ask or think!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Hello From the Little Bugs

Practice Makes Better

I'm just so excited about this new blog, and my new camera, that it will take me a while to get into a blogging groove I'm comfortable with.

For a while I will be experimenting with posting pictures and video, so bare with my scattered format!!

Here's a few to get you started:
Daddy got new pillows for the four big Lovebugs, and they promptly employed them as sleds for tobogganing down the stairs (this game will be curtailed pretty soon so as to lengthen the lifespan of the pillows!).

Last night the boys built a fort in the basement, and camped out with their legos, so we girls had a tea party!!

And then there's the littlest buglet...