Friday, September 30, 2011

Autumn Dances In!

Craft Friday found little boy hands eager to build rockets.
Zachary dreamed new rocket designs he could build with his small cousins, so he gathered parts
customized pieces, and made ready the glue.

He was very thorough.  And very ready!

The girls scavenged bits from nature to assemble wreaths.

My hands were full of wreath and sticks and wire and leaves, so there are no pictures of the process.
The picture above is a tiny bit deceptive as we mainly used hot glue, not Tacky glue.  The base of our wreaths
were pr-emade straw thinga-majiggers which I bought at a thrift store years ago for just such a project.
You could also use other things for the base including grape vines or cardboard.  
Even a curved stick could be a swag shaped base for fall foliage.
The simple steps we followed (and I use this term loosely) were:

* First to gather dried grasses, pretty leaves, moss, pine cones, fern, and bark.
* Wire the larger items you collect to the base you are using.
* Let little ones pick out the bits and pieces thy like; 
   and have larger children hot glue those things in place.
* Momma or big kiddos can touch it up, adding leaves, moss, and pine cones to bare areas.
*  My girls wanted a bow.  We put a bow on our creation.

Little Britches doin' his little cock-rooster thing.

He is the THEE Big Stuff now because he got a leather belt from Uncle Char and Auntie Hannah
modified and embellished, sporting a custom-made leather pouch complete with a cute
wee-sized manly multi-tool/pocket knife!

{{{Shhhh... He's only been introduced to the pliers!}}}

No matter.
It turns out you can chase girls just as effectively with a pair of pint sized pliers. HA!


Autumn Autumn, waltz me in!  Lead on in golden sunlit hues and twirl thy skirts in scent-filled changing winds.

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

She requested Cream Puffs

{Talkin' to Grama}

My Susanna Glory turned 7.

Cream Puffs and Fairy wings...

Finger Sandwiches and Tea...

Sisters and sunlight...

Cream, sugar, and a beloved cousin...

It was lovely.  Just perfect.

The girls made hair clips.

Just enjoyed.

I love you my Darling!  
Happy happy Birthday, with many more to come!

Can you say "FUN!"?

And yet....

...the unthinkable occurred...

Not . one . single . trip . to . the . ER

I'm very disappointed in them.

The Smiths have a reputation to live up to and
we did our best to give them every opportunity for danger or peril.

But instead those doggone Smiths went ahead and had a good time - injury-free!

Did you know we're raising Rocket Scientists?

** The Great Launch **

New porch came in handy!


Alright, so the Smiths added considerably to OUR fun as well!

Wanna see Mrs. Smith playing on the swing?

Our final adventure was a jaunt to Priest Lake for a picnic.

Yack Yack Yack.................

Dear Smiths,
We love you each so much.  Hurry back!