Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Welcome to Blue House!

Our new Winter nest, a 1937 town charmer IN NORTH IDAHO
just 30 minutes from Marvel Hill!

This house is perfect for us.
And perfect for keeping us cozy in convenience and creature comforts
during the short, dark, cold days of winter!

It fits our family.
It's light and bright.
It has electricity.
(And flush toilets!!)
It's darling.
It's old.
It has "scope for the imagination" and lots of potential for fun house projects.
It was move-in ready.

It is on a large lot with two pear trees and an apple tree too.  The kids were sold :-)

Blue House has all the original hardware and glass knobs on doors - so cool.

Above is the girls room in a new coat of paint - a pink they were able to agree on.

Zachary wanted plain white or blue for the boys room and Clayton had a handful
of colorful paint swatches...
I think we collaborated on a satisfactory compromise!

The bathtub will be making its home in the upstairs bathroom AJ is tearing into.
He's also carving out space for a washer and dryer in a built-in cabinet upstairs. Wahoo!

Winter arrived last week and booted us from Marvel Hill with a frozen pipe send-off.
First mattresses covered the living room floor of Blue House for a few days of camping,
and then Dad got bunks and beds assembled much to the delight of these hoodlums :-)

Snow is supposed to descend tomorrow and tonight Carolina asked for "Frosty the Snowman"
when I turned on background music. Miles danced with me in the kitchen and Bryce turned
some groovy somersaults on one lone mattress in the living room:-)
On principal I traditionally wait until after Thanksgiving to start Christmas music,
but for Carolina I couldn't say no :-)  I find a nice alternative that has a Christmasy
feel, is the Bojangles station on Pandora, so we've been listening to that a lot too.

We started up a constant simmer of hot apple cider on the stove here.  Our favorite recipe
is 4-5 cloves, 3 cinnamon sticks, and one sliced lemon to one jug apple cider.
However, if snow shows up tomorrow, I'm going to get out the marshmallows for
hot chocolate and we'll read all our the Wintry books we can dig up!
One if our more recent favorites is called Learning to Ski with Mr. Magee, by Chris Van Dusen.
He writes charming, witty, rhyme-ish stories and his illustrations are SO delightful!

Anyway, I see reading and candles and maybe more music in our day tomorrow along with
that hot chocolate and snow.

I hope your days are cozy and beginning to feel Holiday-ish too :-)