Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's Not By Might...

Mushrooms - 3
Well you thought I was back....
but I'm not. (not exactly, fully, and completely back.)

It's not that I'm too worn out from the weekend company.
It's not that I have nothing to blog about.
There are a number of things that "it's not".

While today went well and had some delightfully fun moments,
tonight at quarter to eleven I am in a slump of defeat.
I think it's more of an emotional thing, and very likely there is a spiritual battle taking place.

I don't know how much schedule to conform to.
I don't know how lax to be.
I can't figure out when to train,
and when to toss all care to the wind.
I don't know how to fit "it" all in.
"It" is just TOO MUCH!
There is house up-keep,
things to get done for my dear husband.

I think I need some sleep..
blessed sleep!
That might make everything look brighter...

If only I drank coffee coffee...
...maybe I should start :-}

Common, tell me again...
It's not by my might or by my power, but only by the super-natural power of the Holy Spirit who indwells me (ME, adopted as a daughter of God and loved by HIM!) that I can do any of that "it"!!
I am washed perfectly and spotlessly clean by my Jesus's blood.
There is no defeat - the battle is already won. I and my Lord are the victors!
Worship HIM!
Count not what man values, but will to look for an eternal reward.
(I'm giving myself a pep-talk here)

The Missing Screw Steamer City of Boston

I think I'm getting my head above the tossing waves and am taking the air in gulps...

I'm going to be okay now,
And if I can get to dry land, I'll post something more up-beat ;-)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Worth A Thousand Words...

...and a thousand (or more) wonderful memories!

*Can you spot Olivia on the slide?
*How about Gramsie in the back seat of the van (brave woman!)?
*The new Jammies?
*Sue being tickled?
*A last good-bye?

We love YOU Gramsie and Pops, and miss you already!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Meet My Sister's

Welcome to the Blogging world Lil' Sis!
My beloved second sister Emma Kate has started a blog:-)
My Graduation Photo\

After getting over the perturbation of not being notified (I made this discovery by default!) I thoroughly enjoyed reading all her last six or seven posts! (very fun Em!)

If you are so inclined to meet more of my family, Miss Molly Hightower is my first beautiful little sister!

(I hope this motivates you to update your blog posts more often Moll - I like to hear about your super-great husband and your adventures in learning to be a good wifey:-))

Sooo... anyhow. Meet my sisters (Mattie will have to get a blog going next!) :-)

Quick Night Tidings!

Whew! What a weekend!

SO MUCH FUN had by all:-)
I'm looking forward to posting our adventures with Gramsie and Pops, but for tonight just a quick hello!
Daddy Bug and I began watching the No Greater Joy (child training) DVD's this evening, and were wonderfully encouraged and challenged.
We have the older VHS set, but his newer set is Hilarious! Really upbeat and fun.
The whole first part we watched tonight was about the parents Joy being the key to winning the child's heart.


I know this. It's so elementary, but easy to forget none-the-less.
(Joy is one of the things I most appreciate about YOUR parenting Super Momma!)
I'm looking forward to practicing first thing tomorrow:-)

Good Night for now!

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Gramsie and Pops arrived late Wed. night, so they were here to be discovered in the morning (at the crack of dawn)!
They were well received, YES they were!

Yesterday we went to the Denver Museum, and enjoyed walking through the Gold exhibit.
The boys enjoyed the Gemstone exhibit, and what we really went for... The DINOSAURS!

We thought it was a great museum! Really had a good time!
We didn't read any of the propaganda in the "prehistoric" exhibits- at lest not out loud.
It is absolutely astounding what is printed as indisputable fact! Just amazing!

Anyhow, I digress. Gramsie brought some special things for my Little Bugs (as seen here)

Great fun was had by all, and mostly we are so much enjoying having our beloved folks here!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Mish-Mash

I'm really not trying to out-blog anyone tonight, it's just that Daddy Bugs Parent's are due to arrive later tonight.
Here for a long awaited five day visit! The Little Bugs are all a-jitter! ;-)
I probably won't be so devoted to my blog for the rest of the week, so am trying to get my fix tonight and wrap up loose ends.

(I'll be thinking of, and praying for YOU this weekend Morgan!)

I wanted to show off my clean house and some of the new decor (try to ignore the partially painted walls please)

I found some Jack Vettriano prints half off yesterday and had to grab a few to add some color to Uncle Wyatt's walls.
Jack Vettriano Sweet Bird Of Youth (Study) Print
Jack Vettriano Waltzers Print

For now I stuck them in poster frames (and am satisfied), but they'd look great matted and framed properly one day.
Jack Vettriano Lazy Hazy Days Print

(MY EYE! That will never happen now that they're in frames!)
Jack Vettriano Picnic Party (Detail) Print

Anyway, once I hung them, I got carried away with a project that was waiting for my husband's help.
That's what he gets for globe trotting without me! (Could Kentucky be considered globe-trotting?) (maybe if you're from India?) (I'm not in India. Maybe he's only State-hopping...) (Regardless, he's too far for my tastes. But then I think that when he goes to work!)

Would you like an update on the Spontaneity Planning?
Here's evidence of a few of our successes:

Zachary making dinner for the two of us!

The other three made their own pizza's :-)

Clayton making cookies - ON HIS OWN!

The Lord has been faithful to us - even when I've failed.
I am grateful for our little victories, and I will praise HIS name!
Keep prayin'!