Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Thought it was Spring?

It SNOWED today!

I stole my precious new neighbor (my sis-in-law and friend) away from her family for an hour and we had Tea in the living room.

The children are still sick, but we've had lots of productive school time.

I saw "THE EYES" last night on the way to the outhouse.  They were small and close together and... yellow this time.  I think it was a Fox (?)  It's fun to guess anyway.  When I brought AJ out to show him, my "Eyes" were gone and his encouraging words were: "I think a Mountain Lion is stalking you."
Thanks Babe.

Now for a good story:

A ways back I made a new friend in the blogosphere. She goes by  Xenia Katherine and is an amazing artist - I love her work! Some months ago, Xenia Katherine said she'd like a copy of the Marvel Hill Poster I painted for AJ... IN TRADE.
I asked if she was serious, and we agreed to trade original artwork.  I painted an original Marvel Hill for her with some minor differences tailored to her family, and she?
Well I said "I'd like a lot of color, but surprise me!"
On our way through Oregon I had the pleasure to meet my new blogging friend as we made the trade.  I couldn't believe she pulled it off - I know what real life looks like after all - but she did!
I am so very delighted with the beautiful Ink and Watercolor she created for me (and I hope you don't mind me sharing it friend).
I am blessed beyond words!

Dear K.T.,

Thank you my friend, for staying up late and letting me drop in on you.  I'm sure that was a little risky - we never having met!  
I can't tell you how much I am enjoying your beautiful artwork - it just makes me smile.  And smile...
Thank you.

Please ask Steven to forgive me for calling him Jon.  It's fairly evident that I am losing my marbles and I feel terrible, just terrible about giving him a name that isn't his!  (Steven, thanks for not throwing me out of your house! HA!)
I really would have loved to study every beautiful thing on your walls - your home was so warm and friendly.  I'm sorry we didn't get to let the children play, but I'm glad you didn't get exposed to our sickness.
I got a matting cut for your painting yesterday, but didn't find the frame I wanted.  However, I did find one here in the house that needs a new life.  Perhaps it is meant to be.  If not, I'll have a place to keep it from getting ruined until I find that "perfect frame".

I love you dear friend!  I am so excited to get out my Ink and colors - you inspire me!  Keep up the wonderful wonderful work.


Monday, April 26, 2010


Catching you up with a few pictures, as today... (drum roll please) we got the zippy-fast Internet connection (for a fee and the price of one gorgeous tree limbed bare so an antenna could be installed at the top).

It IS fast though, so what does that mean?  Uploading pictures will now be a breeze.  Truth to tell, we didn't get our new antenna for my blog.  It's intended use is for AJ's work, and it will be an amazing blessing for that purpose!
Since we have it though...

Moving dirt (just out the front door)

Holding up a tree

Moving rocks

Making a new friend

New neighbors :-)

New gas lights

New kitchen cabinets (I love you IKEA!)

Playing Gin (I just adore that lovely ACE toilet in the background!)

My poor children are still sick.  I haven't even let them out of the house to play with our new neighbors (their cousins).  Partly because the Cousins are Sick with a stomach bug, and since that is about the one thing we haven't got...
I don't want it. Selfish, I know.
All that to say, they have the most real form of Cabin Fever you ever heard of.  I mean, we DO live in a cabin after all!
I took them on a walk this evening while there was still sunlight, but it was hard for the boys especially because I kept saying:
"Don't run!'
"Don't climb on that!"
"Don't yank on that tree!"
"Come here!"
"Slow down!"

And that is because any time any one of the kiddos gets little rowdy, a coughing fit ensues.
I'm trying to avoid that.
I want them well.
THEY want them well.
We all -
want to be well.

It's Springtime in Idaho for goodness sakes!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Promised Moose

Out our kitchen window past the Aladin lamp on the sill...
a Moose.  

You can see how Olivia thought it was a Horse.  It does look rather similar, but... we were above it in elevation.
If seen from the same level plane, I'm pretty sure that she would have appeared her right and gangly size: LARGE.

Due to a CD recommended by Uncle Gordon and given to the kiddos by Gramsie, whenever we see a Moose we now break out in song!
Yes, we ARE a little zany.  But then... did I need to tell you that?

*FYI (CD is called "Moose Tunes" and our favorite song is "A Moose With A Cowlick")
Shauna, Lauren, Christabelle, I think you need this ;-)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

He Bought Me Pie

Driving from Here to There we made an unexpected detour (unexpected to me) to a local restaurant where my Great Guy went in and came out carrying a pie box.

We were on our way to dinner with some friends and I supposed that my husband had been tasked with picking up dessert, but nay, that was not the case.

Facts be known, upon embarking our mode of transportation he handed me the box and said:

"This isn't for tonight.  
I got it for you and I to share."

At that moment I was delighted, but am now sorry to admit that the romance of the gesture didn't completely sink in until three days and six Berry-filled slices later.

It had been a surprise. 
A treat meant just for the two of us, and with sick kiddos we could easily justify being so selfish.

So what we did, was cut two slices and sit at the kitchen table together after the breakfast rush.

And then two more slices on the upstairs porch while having a heart-to-heart.  That piece took longer to eat than the first, and the scrumptiousness of a couple bites were unfortunately lost on my taste buds.  That piece was the most precious though. The time accompanying it was very dear.

The last two pieces were cut somewhat unequal.  What was left in the pan looked pretty tiny and I just wanted to savor a taste, so after the Buglets were tucked into bed we indulged, Beloved receiving the larger of the last two nibbles.

Three dates out of one pie!  How neat is that?
I never knew a boxed pie could be so romantic. 


Friday, April 23, 2010

Marvelous marvelous Idaho...

Dear Friends,
I am alive!

It's just that Marvel Hill has more to keep me busy and even busy having fun than three lifetimes worth of activity anywhere else.
Thanks Gals, for your kind words and encouragement.
We arrived on Thursday  April 15th, and this is the first opportunity I've had to crack my computer.  The children got sick before we left, and still have juicy coughs.  We braved Pink Eye, and Croup in the last week (thank us for not stopping to see you Sarah!), and let me tell you, it was hard work keeping the girls indoors!  Olivia even slipped past me on day and stole out to see Dad "on her way to the outhouse".  Ahem.
They have wanted to be out playing SO BADLY and I can't say I blame them.  In fact, when I make a morning trek to the john, I am often tempted to to "steal away", sit in the sunshine and not return to the morning's chores!

I think most my readers have followed us in the journey of purchasing this 20 acre piece of land in the panhandle of Idaho; if not, you can read about it and see pictures under the label "Idaho".  There will certainly be pictures to come if we get faster Internet (coming soon...), but you will have to put up with words tonight because I have more interesting things to do than wait  ten years for pictures to upload!

Brief status on things up here:
No snow, Spring is beginning to spring!  One day there is sunshine and up over 70 degree weather, and another day will be a cool day with rain - cold enough to heat the house.

While we were gone all the gas was plumbed up which means that our stove and fridge are operational (who gets to "fire up" their refrigerator? - we actually light a pilot underneath!), and that the four new wall mounted gas lights are giving us light in the evenings. Whoopeeeee!

Additionally all the water has been plumbed in to the house.  This is spectacular news, but perhaps not exactly what you'd imagine.  So far we only have one sink (so WHO CARES!  I don't do dishes in the dark or snow anymore!!), and that sink only has cold water (again I say SO WHAT?  I have a six burner Wolf range across from it to heat pots of water which I didn't have to hike outside to retrieve.)
So... yes, we still shower on the porch using  a 2 gallon Coleman shower.
Yes we will have a washing machine before long,
and the tub/shower will be usable.
Also another sink and vanity in the "Pantry" for washing hands and brushing teeth.
All this and HOT WATER to boot!

Everything looks good in the house although I spotted a MOUSE on my counter not two days after I had washed EVE*RY*THING on it!  Thankfully for me, I married a smart and able man who bagged that mouse for me by the very next morning.
All's well in that department.

Outdoors, we had a pad cleared for a pole barn or shop.  We also hired a contractor to do some earth work and put in t a nice gravel driveway.  Progress was made up to a point, but we called a halt when the rock kept sinking into the muck and only nine truckloads of gravel had been delivered.
We'll see our gumption is still in tact when the ground drys out.  We hate to spend money on ROCK.

I told you that the water is plumbed to the house, but that includes a lot of trenching and pipe-laying that was accomplished.  When our dirt-guy couldn't make it up again for a couple weeks, he offered to let AJ use his Back Hoe (if you can imagine a little boy getting a BB gun for Christmas...), so AJ has been moving some boulders to various parts of the yard.  Our campfire pit now has some awesomely big rocks around it!

Our New Neighbors arrived this evening.  That's our biggest news of the day!  They looked tired out but glad to be done driving :-)  Can't wait to see what they do next.  Their living arrangements leave a little to be desired as well, but Char and Hannah are seasoned users of  the under appreciated virtue: INGENUITY.
Not many people leave their childhood home with most their worldly possessions in tow - including (but not limited to) 2 dogs, a couple goats, and chickens.  Their venture will entertain me immensely!  

In the area of wildlife I have been thrilled to see many Robbins already!  I haven't seen any up here the last two years we've been here.
Our trash was hauled out of a covered bin and carried into the woods where it was picked apart and sorted.  I assume that was a small bear.
There were some tracks under the deck - a fox maybe?  And the boys found some cat prints in the mud behind the house.  They were a bit larger than a house cat, and deeply imprinted.  We think possibly a bobcat.
Best one so far, was Olivia standing on a kitchen chair looking past me and Dad out the window.  She said "Hey LOOK!  A HORSE!!"
Just outside was a hungry MOOSE munching the new growth on a forest shrub.

YEEE-HAW!  We're in IDAHO now!!!
So anyway... who wants to visit?  I've had some big talkers, but I'm serious folks!  We'd LOVE to see you.
We're working on guest arrangements, but certainly we'll have some sweet accommodations on our fabulous upstairs porch - VERY SAFE from the wildlife with a great view of it all!  I bait the hook...

Looking forward to posting some pictures for you (in my spare time HA!), and looking forward to hearing from any of you thrill-seekers looking for Summer adventure!

Marvel Hill,

You did not disappoint.

~Momma Bug.
  Over and out.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

To: Marvel Hill, Far North Idaho

 Dear Marvel Hill, 

We are on our way!
I hope you are starting to show signs of Spring, but not too much.  
I want to arrive in plenty of time to plant a garden, 
and to see the Fern unfurl.  
I'm also very curious if the Roses and Hydrangeas we planted took root and if they have, 
are they still upright?  
Or have they been obliterated by the new driveway going in.  
I know what tractor work does to a beautiful yard.  

Did I hear correctly that my sink is plumbed in?  
What else is new?  I can't wait to see it all - every little bit!

Anyway dear Marvel, be patient.  
We're loading up and fueling the van as I write.  
Everyone is itching to head North, 
and there is much talk of what tree and fort, and garden seeds will be priorities.  

Much love to you!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Good Lesson For the Momma

I wanted them to perform tonight.

That was my first mistake.
The second one was feeding them ice cream.
I'm fairly sure that I got my just desserts; after all, I should have known how it would play out.  
They were as five puppies running around with their tongues hanging out, panting to be played with, and wagging their tails behind them.
They weren't being naughty, just a bit out of control.
They were even having fun and no one was crying!
I had to raise my voice to be heard over the din.
"Shoes on! Stand by the door!"  I hollered.
I have not yet learned the art of graciously surrendering when I am beat.
I was beat.
Let this be a lesson to me:
It's not about how their performance reflects upon me, 
rather how my performance reflects upon the Lord.
That and: 
when hoping for a good performance, don't feed them ice cream for heaven sakes!

Happened upon this picture tonight...

...And it made me smile.

I love you friend!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Egg Hunt at Grannys

These taken at Granny's a little over a week ago.  Carolina carried her little basket full of plastic eggs around for the duration of our visit.  Just goes to show that chiluns don't need much to entertain!!
(Will I remember that when it's time to purge the toys in Idaho this Summer?)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Resurrection Sunday!

Ours had a curve ball thrown at it.

No Easter Lunch.
No Easter Egg hunt, which was partially due to
No warm sunny rays gleaming on the dew drops.
No dew drops (due to copious amounts of rain).
No Gramsie (who was sick)
No cousins (they didn't want Gramsie's sickness)
and finally
No Daddy.

That's o.k. we know how to roll with the punches!
Quarantined to the bedroom because we didn't want Gramsie's sickness either:

We read Mathew and Luke's account of Jesus' resurrection - we especially love the part where Jesus walks and talks to his desciples on the road to Emaus!
We watched some movies on the laptop,
Had pic-nicks on the bedroom floor,
Played Chicken Foot (domino's),
Watched more movies,
Had more pic-nicks...
Generally made good use of a lazy, rainy, weekend day together.  Thanking our Heavenly Father for His mercies - they are new every morning!

If everyone will * just * stay * well...

*(Picture of AJ and Carolina at Rio Del Mar last weekend)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sleep-Shmeep, also titled: Sleep is Highly Overrated

One night earlier in the week I was up late.
In fact, I had actually climbed into bed early for a change,
and the baby cried.
And cried.
It was a night in which a distressed toddler woke in need of post-midnight hugs.
It was a night in which an older child slept hard and didn't make it to the toilet.

The crying baby required a bit of walking (on my part) while being cradled in my arms, so through a dark I house I walked, and landed myself on the porch.

Have you ever stood under Wisteria on a warm moonlit night?

I discovered something:

Quieting a bundle of baby where the sweet scent of Wisteria tickles ones senses may be one of life's pleasantest apologies.

Not that life has anything to apologize to me for, it's just that moonlight and Wisteria almost make up for being waked three times (plus several nursings) after midnight.

You know, I realize that getting up in the night is part of my job description.  And I also realize that my getting up is related to normal child-hood inconveniences and not under duress of a terminally ill baby.
That is much to be thankful for.
My getting up in the night is because my husband is sleeping soundly, resting his body for another day of work where he will once again provide for his family's needs, not because I have no husband.
My getting up in the night is a labor of love.  An opportunity to die to self, and to bless my little ones; to bless my tired husband.

I am used to very little sleep by now.  One day it will be a shock when I sleep those hours in uninterrupted segments.
Unfortunately when those days come, I won't have such a precious reason to stand on the porch in the moonlight breathing the soft scents of Wisteria.
That's rather a sad reflection.

So on second thought;

Dear Life,

I am a very content woman.
No need to apologize.

...Unless you want to give me moonlight and Wisteria.

That I'll gladly accept!


Friday, April 2, 2010

Catching Up

Are you tired of pictures and no words?
I think it's rare that anyone wants words without pictures, but sometimes one gets to wondering if there's a story behind the photos!
FYI, there are.  Lots.  I think the pictures tell enough though, and if you're wondering what else is going on in our lives I'll tell ya:

 We are still with AJ's folks in California.  It's been sunny and Spring-ish, but April arrived with it's trademark sprinkling and cool to nearly-nippy cold weather.
My birthday was yesterday.  31 this year.  30 was good to me so I don't mind stepping into the next age as gracefully as possible.  AJ and I took the Bugs for a drive and a short hike to Bald Rock, then my husband took me to dinner at Johnnie's, at the Hotel Diamond in Chico, of which there are no pictures - we managed to live even without the camera to document ;-)
This weekend AJ is helping my brother move some stuff to Idaho where his family will be our new neighbors.  This is the best of news!  I have missed my family the last two years in Colorado, and can't wait to live close enough to possibly bug each other:-)  In all seriousness, Char and Hannah are our best friends.  It's unlikely we'll grow tired of each other any time soon.

School continues.  Amongst other things we finished reading a "Happy Hollisters" book which I was a hit.  We are now on to "Catch 'em Alive Jack" an autobiography of Jack Abernathy.  I hope it's good - we LOVED reading about his two little boys who crossed the West on horseback alone at the ages of 5 and 9.  Apparently Jack caught a number of wolves by shoving his fist into their open mouths.  Sound like a story for boys?  I hope so.
Carolina is getting so stinkin' persnickity!  If she wasn't so stinkin' cute, it'd be all out war for sure.
She says to me while pointing to Bryce "He a li'l wo-man"
me: "No Carolina.  He's a little man"
her: "No.  He a li'l wo-man"
me: "Boys are a little man, and girls are little women.  You are a little wo-man!"
In halting baby speech she puts me in my place: "No. YOU are  a  stink-y  li'l  WO-man!"

And so I am chastened even if it be a somewhat embelished version of the truth.

As for baby brother, he's recovering from being called a "li'l wo-man"
It hasn't seemed to faze his tiny ego.  He grunts boy-speak and kicks his legs with the passion of one dreaming of joining the ranks, and ASAP!

Things are well with us.
Very well.

My Birthday and a Hike to Bald Rock