Saturday, October 31, 2009

Little Boys Growing Up

(The Colorado Rockies as seen from Red Robbin)

Lately there's been table talk about the possibility of NOT getting married.
Not by me (it's a little late for that) but by three or four children.

It seems they all want to live at home with mom and dad indefinitely, which I view as pure success on the
"mom-isn't-such-a-stick-in-the-mud" front.

But then again... it's probably dad they want to keep around. He's the guy who takes everyone to Red Robbin for a Saturday lunch, lets them leave with balloons and candy, then takes them to the library, plays Pool and Ping-Pong with them, and lets them stay up late.
How can you compete with a parent like that?

But back to celibate children.

Only Olivia stuck to her plans of getting married one day. It may be because she wants to be a momma, and everyone knows you need a daddy for that.
Everyone else though? Vetoed their previous plans in favor of living with us forever - despite our offer for them to bring their spouses into our home:-)

Dad and I suggested they might change their minds when some lovely young lady or daring young man entered into the picture.

We just didn't realize how soon that might happen...

Last night we had the pleasure and privilege of hosting our first Colorado contacts for dinner. We had met this family several times, attended church gatherings along-side them, and gotten to know the dad, Dr. Scott through some chiropractic treatments. He was the one who helped us so much when Carolina was a tiny little shrimp.
Alas because of babies, and sickness, and out-of-town-ness, we had never gotten our families together before last night.

To the point of this rambling story:

Dr. Scott and his bride have FIVE beautiful, smart, and spunky daughters.


My boys were especially impressed;-)

By the end of our delightful evening with them, both boys had chosen wives (I didn't ask if the feeling was mutual) and the cogs were turning in regards to their plans for the future.

Each son wanted to know just "how old do you have to BE to get married?"
Apparently they had forgotten about the part where they live with ME for the rest of their lives.
That or they were smart enough not to tell their prospects they'd be moving in with the In-Laws immediately following their nuptials! It might be difficult to win the hand of an intelligent maiden if she has that kind of information.

Anyhow, I couldn't have been more pleased with their choice of a good woman.
And to follow that up, I am rather glad that the day of their "being old enough" is still a little ways out. I'd like to keep them to myself as long as possible!

I must admit that today a couple boys looked a little older than they did yesterday.
It seems that the effects of a sweet girl are far reaching, and perhaps,
capable of turning a boy into a man:-)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A New Tradition

Starting this year:

First good blizzardy snow (can "blizzardy" be a word?) , we make snow cones!

The little Bugs and I found that Colorado snow is dry and fine and wanted to melt immediately when the juice concentrate was applied, so we had to settle for bowls.
I suspect that Idaho snow is wetter, so maybe it will hold a nice shape and not melt so fast?
Christabelle, you had better try this with your kiddies and tell us how Alaska snow works!

Even though we were slightly snowed in (which means no one wanted to dig out the driveway) and could have felt trapped, and despite the fact that it wasn't technically in a cone, our "Pineapple snow" was a super-duper big success!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

And He Smiles!

The Other Half of the Farmer Conversation

"...When Bryce is ten you'll be HOW old? (sob!)..."

...You might find a piece of equipment for sixty-one dollars, but you'll probably have your work cut out for you just getting it to run...."

...It depends on what you're farming I guess. A dairy farmer might not need a tractor as badly(?)..."

...You know Sweetheart, I've never heard of a
lazy farmer. I'm pretty sure farming is hard work no matter how you slice it...

...If you
buy, feed, house, and milk the cows... I will learn to make butter and cheese.
And cheesecake too.

...That's okay honey. We can
keep buying bananas at the store...

...I think they're called "Oats"..."


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"Mom, I Want to Be a Farmer..."

"...When Bryce is ten, I'll be sixteen. He could help me start my farm...

...Brother saved up sixty-one dollars. If I saved up sixty-one dollars I might be able to find a piece of farm equipment I could buy...

...but I want to farm by hand. Not be a lazy farmer who drives a tractor...

...I'll live near you and dad so you can help me with my vegetables...

...I want to have a couple cows so you can make butter... and cheese... and cheesecake...

...I'll grow apples, and lemons, and avocados, and bananas... well no, maybe not bananas. They don't grow around here...

...I want to grow oatmeal plants...


And Where is Alaska?







On the couch.

Monday, October 26, 2009

We Are SO Loved!!

Dearest Shauna,

A package arrived here some few days ago.
It was addressed to EVERYONE!!
How DO you do it? You made each person in the Bug household feel special and very loved:-)

I was just tickled pink to receive a Shauna Original diaper bag!!!

(How did Heidi part with it? She must have loved the colors!)

I will certainly give it a test drive and keep you posted on it's success. I love the size; the colors; the love sewn in...
You blessed me more than words can say. Thank you dear friend!

I have to tell you: in a nutshell, all my children were ready to go to church the NEXT DAY just so they could bring their new crayon carriers:-)

Keep in mind that it was maybe TUESDAY when we opened your package!
I assured them that they could try them out before Sunday...
So they did. Immediately!

Thank you! Our socks have been officially "blessed off" :-D

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Carolina Turns Two!!

My once-in-a-lifetime two-year birthday celebration started off great, as you can see!
That is... after I woke up on the wrong side o my bed and had to go back there to sleep off my grumps. (Boo.)

My brothers and sisters knew just what I would want:


My very OWN balloon!

And then there was a horn...

I really worked at it, and while I never did get any good toots out if it,

It was still a ton of fun to blow into!
And made for some cute pictures:-)

Now. Let me tell ya. It's not every day that a tiny girl like me gets her own balloon with the string still attached! I was just the BEST PRESENT EVER!

This green pail was pretty nifty (but to be honest, I forgot about it in all the glory of having my own balloon).

Big brother Z drew this birthday card for me. Watch out Momma! It looks like you have some up and coming competition!

Since I am a big sister now, I thought I should show baby brother my balloon and tell him all about the significance of it being still attached to the string.
With high ceilings, if your balloon gets away from you...
Bye-bye balloon! :-(
He took it all in.
I think he gets it.

Momma let us make play dough. She got her recipe from Auntie Shauna in the far North.
Auntie Shauna KNOWS what makes a little girl's heart go pitty-pat. Just look at the kind of fun that goes on at HER house!!

Only one thing Auntie Shauna...
That big glob of dough I taste-tested was NASTY!
Must one add so much SALT?

Thankfully (with the aid of some juice) I recovered, (somewhat jaded) to complete my culinary masterpiece.

Recipe for Play Dough as posted by Auntie Shauna in her blog "Dirt In My Oven, Grass In My Blender"
(Doesn't her blog name make you want to visit? You should!)

Mix together:
1cup flour
1TBSP alum -or - 2tsp. cream of tarter
1/2 cup salt
1TBSP oil
1 cup water

Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until mixture clumps together and reaches the consistency of mashed potatoes. (It took about 6 minutes on my stove). Remove from heat.

If desired, add 2tsp. vanilla to make it smell yummy, and food coloring. Mix with hands, this is the fun part!

Our cake pictures are from the weekend previous when Gramsie made a Chocolate Cheesecake for me:-)
Now THAT was tasty - much more so than the play dough!!

It was a wonderful day!

I'd be happy to turn two any time!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Table for Two Expanded

We woke to a white world this morning.

Isn't it magnificent how the sun penetrates the mist? I asked the children if they were sure it was snow - maybe it was a dusting of powdered sugar? It looked like it could be!

Thanks all, for your insightful thoughts regarding the proper place to seat yourself when on a romantic date.

I was surprised that the consensus was fairly divided (I don't know why I should be).
Some of you prefer sitting across from your beloved so as to gaze into his eyes, while others were adamant about sitting beside him; with one more option suggested which I had carelessly overlooked.
Karl (husband of my old OLD friend Shauna) offered that third solution. Read here.

All in all, I was glad to see that you gals actually HAD an opinion on the subject. That indicated to me that you do indeed go on dates with your husband (or at least dream of it!).

My personal preference is to sit next to my great guy.
I guess that's because we somehow manage to have those eye gazes over the kitchen island, and deep conversation in between detailed descriptions of Lego creations, animated explanations regarding the latest artwork, several small wrestlers tackling daddy, and a ballerina dancing pirouettes through the living room.
There's a lot of little bodies coming between us these days, and it's often stiff competition for me!

Yep. Beside it is for me!

Although... after reading Karl's narrative I am inclined to think it a good idea to TEST all the options once again. A couple or three more dates?
A scientific experiment, if you will.
Just in case...

I could change my mind. But if not, at least it would ensure that we are getting optimum romance out of our dates!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Big 500

This is it: Momma Bug's five hundredth post!

I wish I was one of those fun bloggers that offer prizes and such hoopla, but I'm too lazy.
That, or too busy (I prefer the latter).
I haven't made birth announcements for Bryce yet, I have two Christmas stockings to complete (after I start them), and Carolina's birthday on Friday for which I almost forgot!

I think the deserving public will just have to put up with words and pictures, as that seems to be the only thing I'm good for in the world of blogging;-)

Five zero zero huh? A good time to reflect on the reasons I started my blog.
I began to read blogs a little bit just two years ago. I was previously ignorant of the wonderful world of blogging, but when introduced to a couple blogs written by sweet mothers of many, I was hooked!
How inspiring to read what works for other gals in my shoes.
How encouraging to know they have the same struggles I do.
How thankful I am to take these little peeks into their lives!

I began my own blog some months later once landed in a new home far from loved ones.
This blog was started and has been maintained primarily for the purpose of keeping connected with those we love and who miss being involved in our lives.
The content has been mainly journal type entries and pictures of the children because they really do grow like weeds!

I usually don't know which of my precious family reads my blog; they are not the ones to comment, yet I post for them. In doing so, I have grown a readership outside that sphere which has astonished me. I am amazed that anyone besides doting Aunts and Grandma's would regularly take pleasure in being a fly on MY humble wall!
And so with that knowledge, voiced in your own comments, I have come to find inspiration and delight in posting more of my heart and soul.
That may not be as often as I post pictures of cute little Bugs, but I love to go deeper when I can steal the time for it!

I can't tell you how dear your friendships have become to me. It baffles me how the Lord is not bound by time, by space, or circumstance.
I can't wait to meet you all in person some day!

The lovely shawl I am wearing in the picture at top, was lovingly made by my new friend in Arizona, Holly Days. She sent to me in celebration of Bryce's birth.
Thank you sweet friend! I love it!

With a grateful heart,

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


My darling sparkle!

One month old today.
I will continue to measure in weeks for as long as I dare. Once he gets to be thirty-seven weeks though, or fifty-eight, or one hundred and thirteen... it gets a little awkward for people to translate.

Poor little Bryce guy! He is at the peak of baby acne right now (you're not missing much with this colorless picture of him). It looks very uncomfortable; so much so that I actually googled baby acne just to see if I was missing something.
Thankfully I was reassured that it hits hardest at about four weeks - also the peak time for gas bubbles and fussiness.
And check again.

A content baby, Bryce is. However yesterday he was at that "peak fussiness". I don't know if it was one of the usual things I eat, or did I eat something different? The pork ribs? Hot dogs?
I don't know, but it seemed reasonable to fast from a few of the common culprits today and see if that made any difference.

And so, today I was super duper good and didn't eat any dairy, coffee, or chocolate.
(GASP!) I know.
It was a serious sacrifice, but the good news is that I love Bryce MORE than chocolate!

*Bryce if you read this one day when you are a grown man, be assured that it's the greatest compliment I know to be set on a pedestal with chocolate!

I can deal with spit-up, but when baby is clearly hurting and the spit looks like cottage cheese, I am willing to adjust my habits.

Today he was much better than yesterday, so if all goes well tonight (will he sleep well?) I will replace those forlorn foods that I favor, starting with Safeway Rocky Road ice cream!! HA!

(Please, please, PLEASE don't let it be the ice cream!?!)

In other news, Bryce is beginning to offer bits of smiles for me :-)
His neck is very strong, and he likes to lift it when on his tummy or against my shoulder.
His crop of baby hair has a fair bit of curl to it - more so than any of the other children had.
I expect it to fall out and come in another color, just as those who came before him, but you never know! I'm still rooting for a little Bug with nut brown hair; maybe this will be the one? :-)
I don't know what else to say. He's a little like Mary Poppins "practically perfect in every way"!
I close with that, as this post is getting rambly (if that's a word), which is because I am blogging long as a diversion from *the * ice cream * in * the* freezer ***

You know... I'm pretty sure it wasn't the ice cream that upset him... yep.
I'm almost certain!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Whoa! Halt! Slow down the clock. My little girl is startin' to look like a little lady!

Meloncholy Goodbyes

I do not like good-byes.

Gramsie (my dear, dear mother in law) came out for a visit twelve days ago, and was joined by Pops (dad) on Thursday of last week.
Together they left to go home today.

It was a full and wonderful nearly-two-weeks! Gramsie made the dinners for us, played with the children non-stop, read a ton of books, and gave me many opportunities to get extra rest.


When Pops came he played more than his fair share of Gin and Battleship (was a very good loser to Clay, who learned all his tricks from Pops last Spring), and proved a worthy jungle gym every time he parked on the sofa for more than two minutes! :-)


Because of their visit, AJ and I had a DATE! Woo-hoo!! (With Bryce, of course).
It had already been a long full day, and with no naps. I sheepishly admit that I left the house in tears, as it seemed crazy to try and enjoy such an outing with a screaming baby and napless momma. If the house had been empty (or at least quiet) I would have rather hunkered down at home for a date!

Since baby was crying in the back seat, we started out in the drive through at Starbucks.
The gal at the window heard Bryce and asked how old. She then commenced to tell of her eight year old son and his babyhood colic.

"Don't worry..." she said " gets better!"

Thanks for the tip.

We drove around for a while so I could unwind and thankfully the little fella fell asleep.
AJ took me to the bookstore and then we enjoyed a quiet dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Beyond my wildest expectations, Bryce slept through the entire date! It was bliss!!
Upon noting the baby carrier with us the waitress commented on our having "... full hands."
She just has no idea. What can you say to that?

I have a question for you.

Is it more romantic to sit across from your husband on a hot date?
Or beside?

I have thought this through a few times and never come to a final conclusion. If you sit across, you can gaze into each others eyes; but if you sit beside each other you can get really cozy! ;-)
I know which I prefer, but I just wondered if there is actually a right answer to this highly intellectual question.
Tell me if you know.


Back to the title of this post.
Mom and Dad left today and it was a sad loss to our home. We had a wonderful time, and it reminded us how much we miss all our family.

Thanks Grams, for making dinner
for the extra hours of sleep
for the box of See's candy!
for my new jams
for reading to the children
for shopping with us; with me
for changing diapers
for holding children
for tucking in
for kisses
for being fun!
for being patient
for being flexible...
for being wonderful YOU!

We love you both so very very much!!!

Come back soon:-)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fun Rhyming with...

Zany Zoo

Fried Egg Friday and a trip to the library produced this book last week.

All the poems in this book have darling puns at the end of them. The children have all really enjoyed it - they loved the colorful pictures and sing-song-ish rhymes - however the puns are probably going to be enjoyed more by mom.
There are some pretty cute ones, and I actually laughed out loud!

Harry the Horse

by William Wise

Harry the horse loved a dentist,
And so, to her office he went,
Gave her flowers, and said, "I've a toothache!"
And considered it money well spent.

But she said, "I'll not treat your toothache!
I'm a mare who grew up in the South,
Where you're taught not to listen to strangers
Or to look a gift horse in the mouth!"

Or this: (do you relate?)

A Big Family

by William Wise

Olga the otter
Was a mother supreme.
She had enough children
For a large soccer team.

But her kids were so many,
She sometimes lost track of them,
Till she dressed them in shirts,
With their names on the back of them.

And they say after that,
It was not an illusion,
That they all lived in less
Than otter confusion.


Next time you're at the library check out Zany Zoo by William Wise. Illustrations by Lynn Munsinger.
It might make your day!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

She SAID Rrrrrrrrr!!!

Cute little girl - cute photo. Not sure why she likes to stick out her tongue for pictures. She certainly thinks it's a hoot! (she's kind of spunky that way)
Olivia is my little smack-talker (and I didn't teach her); it's awfully hard not to laugh when I should be giving her the disapproving mother eye;-)

Tonight she said her R sound.

**(Daddy, did you catch that?!!)**

It is the first time I've ever heard it, and I was astonished! Daddy especially has been working with her to properly say a couple letter sounds. Her little speech impediments are So incredibly CUTE, but Daddy says they won't be so fun when at age ten she doesn't even know she mispronounces things.
The proverbial "I do NOT have a lithp!" problem.

Some sounds haven't been so difficult.
In order to say the S sound, we get the children to keep their teeth closed.
The TH sound we get them to stick their tongue between their teeth.
But the R sound is made all inside of your mouth. We haven't figured out the trick for that one. No matter how hard daddy, momma, or Olivia tried, we weren't getting the sound out of her.
Not intentionally.
Not on accident.

Our biggest break-through was her willingness to TRY saying the R sound.
Olivia has been seen dancing around the house saying "uhl - uhl - uhl" very diligently. We have encouraged and exhorted her for her efforts, but as I've said: no banana.

Tonight however, as I tucked her into bed for the night she told me that she is getting SOOO big, and demonstrated by standing up tall and placing her flattened hand on top of her head.
Yes she is. I couldn't deny such proof!
She then proceeded to tell me she'd have to "stop growing".

Wait! Hold a minute! What? Did you say GRowing?!! Say it again!




She really DID say that R sound. And she said it again. And again. And brother asked her to say "GRass; say GRound..."
And she said it.


I am GRRReatly THRRRilled!!! HooRRRRay for Olivia Honor!!!