Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mama Has a New Toy

~ My beloved bought me a much dreamed-of camera
last month.  (I chose a Cannon T5i, for those who may ask).
Additionally I've had the privilege to take an online course
from Ashley at Under the Sycamore, who's blog I've enjoyed
and photo's admired for several years.

The course has been self-paced and really well suited to me -
a complete novice in the operation of Manual photography.

Now that the course is about over, expect to be inundated with
more random pictures than you ever bargained for!  I need a
place to stick some of my favorites and I guess this is it.
I know the grandma's won't mind, and hopefully it won't be long
before I can tell a cohesive story while capturing the images I've longed
to improve technically.

I have a looooong way to go, but for now, be regaled.

Don't expect too much from me, as there are about 200 photos for
every one.  I just hope all that talk about practice making perfect
is even half true.  I'll happily settle for pretty-better :-)

For you
grandma's, with my love~

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

This one...

This one is my story teller.

She can make up a good one on the spot - even if it's only a few sentences long.

This one tells me pretty often that "We should make cherry pie."

She's never had cherry pie.

When I asked this one why she didn't like her soup, she answered without hesitation:

"I would like it if it was chocolate soup."

Well who could blame her?

This one was counting some blocks for me yesterday as she pointed to each one:

"One, two, four, sixty-seven..."

This one can wink just one eye.

If she knew what that does to me, she'd use it to her advantage more. :-)

This one tells me she can "get onto the Toil" all by herself.

She calls it that even though I correct her every time.

It's Toilet.

I should be keeping track of more because this one, she makes me laugh.

It's good to laugh.

Everyone should have one like this. :-)

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The last batch for 2014

The last week of 2014 went out in a flurry of after-holiday fun.

We so enjoyed the impromptu Christmas visit of AJ's folks who stayed long
enough to celebrate Clayton turning 12.



My parents made a mad-dash visit and arrived the day following!
It was lovely to see them in person and to give and collect long overdue
hugs.  Mom got to meet Emerald and we realized it had been more than
a year since our last gathering  Not so long between visits in 2015 I suspect.
My brother Ben is getting married in May and I would love to be there to
meet and welcome my new sister into the family :-)

My biggest ones... how they are growing.  And yes.  They are outside building
snow forts in the dark.  What's life if not frozen to death?

My beloved crew of merry-makers.  How grateful I am.  So so grateful.
Thank you Lord!

And now I can post some of the pictures accumulating fast in 2015!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Wowzers - LIFE!

What more can I say?  It has a way of going on even when the blog is silent!

Here's a little catch-up on the tail end of 2014:

Our first slumber party at Blue House.

Then we kind of settled in - paint swatches, wall spackle, school work and all.

There was some Monopoly with breakfast.

Thanksgiving with the Cousins.

Miles (21 months) flying big brother's helicopter all on his own!!

A big sister and a puffy-eyed baby in a newly painted kitchen.

Our annual cookie decorating party.

As one of my sharp ones put it: "It's somebodies first time every year!"
Haha!  Rather astute I'd say, and here' that somebody this year. :-)


A sleeping beauty.

Some Christmas visitors, and maybe just a leeetle bit of work at the kitchen table.

And then, "Good Morning Christmas!  Happy Birthday Jesus!"

Stocking #9 was completed just in time :-)

Emerald's first Christmas, and big smiles with all her special gifts.

...Snow for Christmas...

As this little journal entry has gotten a bit picture-heavy,
I'd better defer the last days of 2014 to another post :-)

I just love cozy indoors, candles and Christmas lights, cups of coffee with dark chocolate
and whipped cream. Staying in jammies all day and heaps of children on top of my bed.
Add snow and you have something really wonderful!  It was a season with memories to
cherish.  Just lovely.