Friday, February 21, 2014

Precious Inquisition

He sat there silently on the Wingbacked chair in my bedroom,
his blanket waded up on crossed legs.

Perhaps past due to un-train the thumb habit, I don't feel bad,
because I know these years are short
and that
he won't carry his blanket around with him
or suck his thumb forever.

We visit some.

I am preoccupied with hanging clothes in the closet.
He, content to think deep thoughts while watching.

He pops his thumb from his mouth just long enough to ask me

"So. God just said 'Let there be rocks', and *poof* there were?"

"Yes" I reply.  "That's right."

Back in goes his thumb.

Then out again.
"And God said 'Let there be trees', and *poof* there were trees?"

"Yep.  That's so."  I say.

With shorter duration between thumb-pops and questions I hear:

"So God said 'Let there be sky' and *poof* there was sky?"
"And God said 'Let there be animals' and *poof* there were animals?"
"You mean, God said 'Let there be a moon' and *poof* there was a moon?"
"Did God say 'Let there be water" and *poof* there was water?"

I can't help the stray thought that
I don't remember ever using *poof* in my retelling of Creation events,
but I like the descriptive image it conjures.

"And God said 'Let there be gold', and *POOF* there was gold?"...

Loving the constant stream of valuable thought here, and provoking my own mind
to chew on a few new ideas, I answer yes, yes, and yes again.

"Yes" I say,
"Isn't it amazing that God's word is so powerful that it can create anything?"

Thumb in, now silent for a brief pause as he chews on these ponderings of his.
Out it pops for one final question.

"And did God say 'Let there be stores' and *poof* there were stores?"

Thursday, February 6, 2014

HIS Love-Letter

His love-letter is written across our lives 
in every soul-nourishing detail.

We often pass by it uncelebrated 
because we expect it
and then promptly take it for granted.

{{Let it not be so.}}

{Just a little reminder to me
that God has called me Beloved, 
and writes me love-letters every day.

Each dimple and expression that thrills my heart,
every beauty that takes my breath away,
in silence and in song,
in provision 
in emptiness...
He is all.

And He 

Photo interest:

1) A sleeping Aloria Mercy
2) Songbird at dusk
3) Coffee, Quiet, and Letter-writing
4) An extravagant gift from me to me 
which made me smile when it arrived in the mail
5) Love note from Susanna Glory
6) Miles smiling at me around his bottle
7) Painted wooden hearts made and gifted to me by my Clayton
8) Sunset
9) Carolina's empty-toothed smile - first tooth lost!
10) Bryce learns to draw hearts today
11) Be still my beating {creative} heart
12) Valentine-ish stamps