Friday, August 28, 2015

Last Sanding and First Launch

Oh the laughter!  Watching Clayton navigate oars for the first time
as they got stuck in the dock and splashed like fish out of water!

The boys got their dinghy's to the point of seaworthy.

Lots of hours went into these two little boats this Summer. Applying epoxy, I heard, wasn't so bad.
Sanding... was not so fun.
Every sanding episode was followed by a shower, and some itching caused by stray bits
of fiberglass dust.  But they did it.  Followed through and met success at the surface of lake water.

Seats were set in temporarily to check correctness of position.
Oarlocks installed.
Fresh new oars coated in epoxy.
Boats loaded into the trailer...

Zachary and Clayton figured out the business of rowing pretty quick, and with that
we saw just their tiny silhouettes far out in the distance.

Next there is planned an actual maiden voyage, followed by (I hope) true seats, paint,
and names.  Aren't watercraft supposed to be named?  With paint and names I will
consider this chapter closed!

So much learned.
Yes, there is a little fresh knowledge of boat building, woodwork, and fiberglass,
but really there is new depth of life experience that tints perspective.
That's pretty wonderful!

Well done sons!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Say What?!

Once upon a weekend morning,
4 year old Aloria woke early and snuggled in between her dad and I.

Instead of falling back to sleep, I watched her study her daddy's face.

"Daddy?" She said.
"Daddy, you have something white by your mouth."

"Really?" he sleepily replied. "What do you think it is?"

She proposed without hesitation: "Maybe it's bird poop."


And that was the end of our sleeping in.