Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Maiden Voyage of the Dinghy's

Still no boat names, but that didn't stop the fellas from embarking on
the maiden voyage before Summer's end!

Two dinghy's were unloaded and launched into the Pack River, which is
a sandy-bottomed meandering stream which flows into lake Pend Orielle.
Also, Dad took the kayak with Bryce, Uncle Daniel launched his rowboat,
and friend Jon came with his water craft too. 

The girls and I (with Miles-boy) waved them out of sight around the bend, 
drove away, and waited to hear when they were ready for pick up.

It was to be a half-day's adventure, but the guys packed essentials for a
"just in case" overnighter.  A call came at 5pm with the message that they
wouldn't need picking up until the morrow, so a minimally planned for
overnight on a sandy beach crowned the Pack River adventure.

Apparently it was a cold night
Apparently no campfires are allowed during this dry fire season.
Apparently Bryce somehow managed to leave his fleece behind.
Apparently Dad equipped the boys with warm sleeping bags.
Apparently Mountain House and some trail mix is good enough for dinner.
Apparently it was a blast, and...
Apparently one night was enough for everyone ;-)

We womenfolk loaded up again the next day and drove downstream to wait.

We heard the echo of voices first... and then they appeared!

What a great adventure!  I sure was glad to have them back with the rest of us
and to hear tales of collecting freshwater mussels, sleeping in swim trunks, and
how hard sand is to get comfortable on in a sleeping bag.

In the end there were four boys smiling from ear to ear, completely wiped out from the
fun and ready for dinner and a snooze - completely satisfied :-)

Successful endeavor!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

New Bump in Town

It's true!
And once again, I'm a little slow in announcing our news.

We expect this little one to arrive around December 10th which puts
Baby at nearly 6 months along (this has been a fast pregnancy for you,
hasn't it!). Not so much for me, though the next three months will
probably be the longest :-D

So far this has been what my midwives call "boringly normal" as they
smile and nod and tell me what a good job I'm doing growing such a sweet
and compliant baby.
I'm so thankful for boringly normal, and while I do have some of the normal-est
kinds of pregnancy maladies, I'm often mindful of how precious this privilege is.

To carry another newly-knit life is a wonder I'll never tire of and one I don't know if I'll
get to experience again or not.  So in the midst of creaky aches and a variety of varicose
veins I choose to cherish the days of being with child.

And absolutely with certainty do I cherish this precious person of mine!

I can't wait to meet you Baby Bug!