Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tea for Two

Together they sat.
Two red chairs pulled up to one make-shift kitchen island.

A white satin ball gown with jewels enveloped one seat, while a hot pink lace tunic
(accessorized with striped toe socks no less) perched respectively across the corner.

Small beflowered teacups with matching saucers littered the surface in front of them,
only two privileged for use.

The conversation I per chanced to overhear sounded antiquated - there was chatter about "the
time she fainted", and "the good old days" back when they were eight or ten years old - but
numerous irruptions of giggling and the youthful tinkle of laughter (which often evolved into
explosions of snorts and guffaws) gave away the truth.  And as indecorous as it would be,
I really thought I might witness tea coming out of someone or other's nose!

The scene was reminiscent of a Norman Rockwell or Carl Larson painting and I think either
would have gladly whipped out their pens and brushes for pleasure and posterity.

My own tool of choice for recording this party is evident.  Not paint nor pen nor graphite scrawl.

If I'd happened to own a silken  garment of my own though, I might have been sitting on the
other side of the camera lens, pinky finger extended and teacup raised.

Perhaps when an event of such nature pops up again I'll be more prepared.

Even a good pair of candy-striped toe socks would do the trick :-)

Friday, February 20, 2015

A happy din is a good kind to have.


Did you make it though all those?

These photos were a few of my favorites from last month (of over 3,000 I took)
while I was taking Ashley Campbell's DSLR course.
I'm sure there should be a post written for every one of these pictures because they are
true representations of what goes on in this house.  I'm equally sure that's not going to happen
any time soon.

As for what does go on in this house, it is good stuff.  Let me tell you about a piece of it!

Tonight as I sat at the dining room table, a swelling cacophony of  life in its most vibrant
reality engulfed me.  Emerald reclined in the crook of my left arm while I fed her mush made from
stewed chicken and broth, with avocado.

Her legs hung over the right side of my lap, but not still.
She be-bopped those two little pudgies to the rhythm of something like Love Potion Number 9
which was turned up to near full volume.

It's been our evening pre-dinner tradition lately to play Oldies - loudly - while finishing up
meal preparations and setting the table.  I've never been one for much dancing, but something
about that music... I can really appreciate Emerald's desire to kick up her heels!  Ok.  It's true
I wasn't completely still either.  It's a wonder all that food got safely to her mouth. Haha!

Glancing across the room into the hub of the kitchen, there are at least five hoodlums tearing
lettuce, sprinkling pizza toppings, unloading the dishwasher, and sneaking occasional pineapple
tidbits faster than big sisters can catch.  Miles, he sits on a red chair in the midst of the activity
(the one pilfering pizza parts) and I see him bobbing and swaying to the musical jive.  I think he'd sing if he could.
It makes me smile.

Times like this I think I should grab my camera to capture just normal everyday fun.

I seriously consider if there's a way I could actually hold that hulk of a camera in one hand
while delivering mush to Emerald's face.  And keeping her hands out of it.  And off the camera.
And then, no.  Reality smacks me and I grin at the crazy thought of it.  And I know most of these
moments just have to be lived in.

Noting a few good things:

* Miles and those eyes.  Ay yi yi.
Two big boys sharing the light of one head lamp under which to late-night read.
* Susanna and her casual stance on Math homework.
* Hoodlums playing games, hoodlums in candle light, hoodlums in the shower. Lots of hoodlums.
* That five-year-old boy with the hole in his jeans. Mmm.
* One word: Carolina.
* Zack and Miles.  Waking up in the morning together and with a book.  Does it get better?

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My Pixie

She dresses herself with care.

She wears sparkles on her feet and pearls on her dress.

She knows what those glitter shoes can do and they take on a life of their own.

She dances on sunbeams.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday Wakes

So starts another week of school and chores and projects and life.

First thing stumbling out of bed, we turned up the worship music.
Oatmeal bubbles away, soon to be topped in decadence by Olivia.
Susanna starts browning some stew meat for tonight's dinner, and Clay coaches
a couple little ones unloading the dishwasher.  Emerald has had her morning goat
milk and is now playing happily on the floor - a dribble of spit-up escapes, all part
of the morning routine. (Daddy says Feta cheese will never be the same after Emerald) ;-)

Laptops emerge, Math lessons can be heard faintly, readers find cozy corners where
they wrap up in blankets, and drawing paper is used up like water by emerging artists.
Lately it is popular to ask mom "can I borrow one of your pencils?"  The answer is always
the same "yes, but please put it back when you're done"  Of course there are never as many
in that container by the days end, but mom is learning to keep those pencils magically
restocked and expect missing drawing implements to be part of the cost of learning :-)

Duties call~  still some beds to be made and happy babies don't stay that way indefinitely.
Breakfast finds a place on the table between colored pens and once everyone is fed the day
officially begins.  Whatever the schedule holds all the minutes will be full, and as for me?
One can hope this morning entails a shower before lunch :-)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Bananagrams: do we know how to play the actual game?
Wellll... no, but that doesn't stop us from inventing our own fun!

Sometimes no rules is a good way to play :-)

Carolina's message says :

Yours is the soup.  
It's cold outside. 
Burgers are good when they are just right.
Your daughter, 

That's stretching those letters a bit Lina. Haha!
But you're right about burgers being good when they're just right :-)

~Your Mother

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Light and Life

When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, 
"I am the light of the world.  
Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, 
but will have the light of life."
John 8:12 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Boat-Building Brothers

In the last few weeks, my big guys have embraced a new project.

It started with lots of conversations involving paddle boat designs
and aspirations of building a kit airplane.

Dad humored the dreaming, but every time talk turned practical
he gently steered in the direction of baby steps. "Why don't you build
something simple first?"  He'd say.  "How about a row boat?"

I'm pretty sure Zachary was hoping "simple" would include jet engines
or submarine power, but eventually he was won over by a set of actual
plans for a Portuguese Dinghy.
Once the boat design was settled on, a fever of activity ensued.
Despite the fact that Clay had been working diligently on his own  model
for a paddle boat, he bought in and took ownership of this new endeavor
right along with his brother.

The boys made a list of supplies, called local building supply stores to check
prices and availability of the plywood they'd need, and talked their dad into
hauling a trailer to pick it up.

Once pieces were cut out, the boys spent several evenings assembling
the boats.  Here are some pictures to document the work up until this point.


I am so proud of these fellas!

Next step is fiberglass and epoxy.  Right now they are in process
of building sawhorses to set their boats on for that phase of the project
('cause I guess dad doesn't want his sawhorses covered in permanent goo).

You could ask them how this whole boat-building thing is working out so far,
but really, the smiles tell you pretty much everything you need to know :-)