Friday, July 29, 2011

My Sister-Bride and a new Brother

we traveled to california last weekend
to witness the marriage covenant
between my sister emma and her beloved.

it is a privilege to look on as the first blush of love
steps into for-always.
oh my sister and brother...
it only gets sweeter.
i had the delight of being her shadow for two days
as she decorated
shopped for flowers

held my baby
painted my girlie's fingers and toes

took me to lunch on her wedding day.
over coffee and tea we talked and talked and talked without looking at a watch 
until we couldn't avoid being irresponsible any longer.

i got to wrap her bouquet in ribbon.
my eager children insist that she open their gifts... 
now.  before the ceremony.

i was present.  taking in all the moments.

i looked on as she peeked out the window 
watching guests arrive

and heard her squeal 
as she spied her man milling impatiently.

it was a sweet wedding.
the bride was innocent and lovely
the groom could hardly stand still!

outdoors on the lawn of our family home
some sat on chairs
some stood
a few perched on hay bales or reclined on quilts.

the flowers she held were from farmers market
her hair piece fashioned by a cousin.
they stood with no shoes
and in a symbolic act of servant hood
later washed each others feet.

it was not a show.
it was real
 and tiny nieces running away from their daddies 
didn't detract from solemn joy of the moment.

my other lovely sisters stood as honored witnesses

darling sister-in-love hannah and i chose to witness 
while sitting with our husbands amongst our combined indian tribe.

they were still though
and didn't need quieting.

my manly brothers.

and so the party commenced
and for-always was well on it's way!

my flower girls:

grampa and his signature baby hold.
aloria and her signature cuteness.

the only picture i got of we two - 
my beloved sister-bride and me.

and then
in a flash
they were off.

just like that.

i wish you well my precious brother and sis!
...and love you so.


So now you know why I have been absent.
There was 42 hours of driving for being there 2 days.
Then there has been the let-down physically and emotionally as I've been
debriefing this week.

There were so many precious moments.
Emma was the most relaxed bride I've ever seen and had truly
accomplished the goal of planning beyond her wedding
as she looked towards a life together with Shane.

I was truly honored to be by her side as she gracefully flitted from one task
to the next in the hours prior.
Amazingly, she did make time to sit with my girls.
And having lunch with her is a memory I'll always cherish.

I look forward to knowing this couple in the years to come.

 It was a lovely weekend.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

She's so SMART!

Miss Aloria.  3 big (but short) months on Saturday!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Keeping Cool

When I can't get to the creek, or the lake...
I bring out the buckets and pots.  Entertainment value of a wash basin is priceless!
Oh.  Well. They enjoy it too.

Oh sweet summer how I love thee!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Momma's Miss Crazy Hair

Documenting the do.

I just don't feel compelled to tame this Itty Bitty's mane.
It's days are numbered, and I want to enjoy every crazy-haired one!
Lori-Bug's fuzz is at it's best shortly after bath.  On days when she gets
a little damp during nap, it lays down around her face in tiny ringlets.  That hasn't been as
easy to capture by camera, but it is OH so charming.  ***sigh***
Aloria's hair is the perfect place to bury ones nose in sweet baby scent.
I just close my eyes and "Ahhh....................................."

Friday, July 15, 2011

Wishful Thinking

I wish those cherries would come to me.
I wish mom would take that camera back to wherever it came from.
I wish she'd turn the other way too.
Or close her eyes.
I wish...

I wish  my arms were longer
I wish my chair was closer
I wish my tongue could reach from here.

I wish cherries were for dinner.
 I wish I didn't have to wait.
I wish my powers of persuasion to be larger than they are.
I wish...

I wish my sister for an accomplice.
I wish my brother'd help me out.
I wish that daddy was near by.
He'd understand.

I wish that I was bigger.
I wish that I could be "in charge"
I wish that everyone would take a hike and let me be.

I wish that Gramsie bought those cherries.
I wish that Grama filled the bowl.
I wish that someone would have compassion on poor little me!

I wish...

I wish it was dessert time.
I wish rosy red-toned jewels for a snack.
I wish, oh how I wish 
those cherries 
would come 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Why, Hello. And who might YOU be?

We made few props for Auntie Em
who is wanting a photo booth
at her wedding reception.

We thought we'd better try them out

to see if they work.

I was surprised to discover people I didn't know existed.

I must admit,
They were VERY fun people to meet!

Poirot stroked his own magnificent mustache tenderly.
"It is an art," he murmured, 
"the growing of the mustache! 
I have sympathy for all who attempt it."
~Agatha Christie~

In all honesty, I didn't know I had such comedians!
Just put 'em behind a debonair mustache
or cherry red lips
and see what I mean.

We love you Auntie Em! 
(and soon-to-be-Uncle Shane!)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A few birthday pictures

Zachary wanted to buy gifts for his cousins and brothers and sisters.
A bit of a twist on the usual tradition, eh?  Not your average 10 year old boy.

Bandannas for the boys
Nail polish for the girls
Awesome car for Bryce
Lotion for Auntie Hannah
Jalapeno Jelly for Uncle Char...

Brother knows just what a guy likes!

And Uncle Charlie does too, apparently.
What guy doesn't need a rifle scope or some fishing tackle?

No presents from mom and dad though.
There was a note sending him on a treasure hunt!

What to bring bring:

Ink Pen

X marked the spot here on the sawdust hill, and under it was buried some trail mix
and map to find the next clue.

There were a couple codes to crack.

Compass points to plot.

A tree to chop down.

Another code.

All leading to this:

The afternoon was spent learning to pilot this thing, then reading  a new Tom Swift book
while the battery charged, then flying, then reading, flying, reading, flying, reading....
It was about as good as birthdays get!
And then...

Our friend Mr.C came to the party.

Birthday... pie?
That's what the big guy requested, and helped make it to boot!

Stlll, candles must be licked.

It seems two little boys thought the candles were being eaten.  So they followed suit with thoroughness.
I can only imagine that candles are disappointing as food.

The pie was a bit more satisfying :-)

And that Lollipop that Olivia gave Zack - now THAT was Mm-mm GOOD.

Happy Birthday Buddy!
Please don't start turning 11 until one FULL year of being ten.