Sunday, August 31, 2008

Smarty Pants!

Somehow dinner conversation began to take a turn towards the life of a fly.
We all agree that no matter what, it is too long - a fly's life, that is!
Especially when buzzing in your ear at night, or hanging around your lemonade glass.

Dad asked Zachary: "So how long does a fly live?"

And without batting an eye Zachary replied: "Until you smash it!"

And that is the truth! I only hope it happens sooner than later! ;-P

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Susanna To Me:

"Mom, when 'Lina grows up, can we call her Sara?"

Sue is infatuated with the name Sara lately,
I replied that we probably wouldn't call Carolina that since it isn't her name!
What a funny girl!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Nobility in the Not-So-Commonplace

There's that too, you know?

For instance, I awoke this morning to a naked, wet-haired two-year-old asking me to change her diaper please.
This is a morning that would have otherwise required tooth picks to keep my eyelids open, but upon seeing this sight in the blurry dimness that one cracked eyeball afforded, I was instantly awake!


That must have been one seriously soggy diaper this morning for her hair to be wet too!
Now I was fully awake. Nothing like the imagined mess lurking somewhere in the path of other little feet to bring one to ones senses - however awful the sensation must be!

Then I noticed the towel draped over one shoulder.
And she was too clean and dry.
Confusion upon confusion!

At last what I deciphered from my lisping daughter, was that she had taken a shower with big brother - before seven in the morning , mind you!

He is amazing! How come I haven't thought of having him do that before now?
Will I in the future?
I don't know, but what I do know is that my Zachary saw an opportunity to share some fun with sister, and help mom out too.

Noble. Truly.
Though there was nothing commonplace about it!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Welcoming Hailey Alexandra!

Welcome to my beautiful new niece Hailey born in the early morning hours of Wednesday August 27th.
I hear that she weighed 8lbs,7oz. and came pretty quick. ("Quick" is relative, right Sister?)
I'm glad you are here finally precious baby!
We love you:-)

"A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for"
-Author Unknown

A thought to ponder...

"...So Watchful the Porter rang a bell, at the sound of which came out of the door of the house a grave and beautiful damsel, named Discretion..."
- an excerpt from Pilgrim's Progress
DISCRETION, n. [L, a separating. See Discreet.]
1. Prudence, or knowledge and prudence; that discernment which enables a person to judge critically of what is correct and proper, united with caution; nice discernment and judgment, directed by circumspection, and primarily regarding ones own conduct.
A good man--will guide his affairs with discretion. Psa 112.
My son, keep sound wisdom and discretion. Prov 3.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Nobility in the Commonplace

Every day has it's commonplace, that's certain!
What I want to learn, is how to stop and capture the moments that are truly noble!

Definition in Webster's 1828 Dictionary:

1. Dignity of mind; greatness; grandeur; that elevation of soul which comprehends bravery, generosity, magnanimity, intrepidity, and contempt of every thing that dishonors character.

Zachary fills Olivia's cup
Susanna fixes Carolina's hair
Olivia setting the table
Auntie Emma making dinner with the girls

Daddy teaching his boys something
Clayton making mommas bed...

These are some of the moments that shine brightly in the commonplace.
These are glimpses into that greatness which looks not for mans praise, but strives to know Jesus through simple obedience and practical service.

I'm going to watch for nobility in my home. I'm going to pay closer attention to my children so that when the common takes place...

I will be ready to give God all glory and praise in it!

Welcoming Titus Benjamin!

The only thing worth stealing is a kiss from a sleeping baby

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Welcome Home


You don't think the boys missed him while he was away, do you?

Taking on 5 at once may be an every-day occurrence for a guy like this, but let me tell ya, these 5 gave him a run for his money!!

We're glad you're back Mr. Smith!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Week #11

Click to see full size image

That's my motto the past couple years.
I first saw the block letter word used as decor in my friend Shannon's house.
Shannon really understands this word, and I have learned a lot from her about how to function in a small home with a large family.

I found my own "SIMPLIFY" the other day, and it fits perfectly over the fireplace in our living room, and it was half off so I bought it.

I used to think that Simplifying meant having less, but recently I have discovered that is not necessarily the case. Living in a large house now, I find that it makes more sense to have multiples of certain things.

One of those is sippy cups.
Historically I've only allowed one cup per child. Each child had a different color, and they took it with them into town, to the dinner table, and to bed at night.
I was proud of this plan which had worked well for so long! I don't know how, but we managed to keep track of those cups for quite a long time, only occasionally losing them between the bed and the wall, or under the couch.

This 5000 square foot house is a different matter!
When the children climbed into bed, they had left their cups upstairs, and when climbing into the car, their cups were (of course) left in their beds and so on. When tucking four or five little ones into bed, I am not excited about cutting one loose to go look for a cup!
I say "climbed" past tense because I found a solution to my frustrating problem.

*I bought four cups for the bedroom - one for each child, each a different color.

*I bought four more for the car - one for each child and the same color as their bedroom cup.
I also bought a little carrying tote for the cups going into and out of the car.

Zachary is responsible for filling cups before we leave the house, and then for collecting them before coming back into the house. This tote has four compartments the perfect size for our cups plus room for a couple diapers! - Maybe some sunscreen and bug repellent too.

*Finally I bought four water bottles for the kitchen.
They are to stay in the kitchen, they sit on the edge of the counter and are available for reach at any time (staying in the kitchen), and are easy to take to to table at meal times.

So far, I am very happy with this arrangement. It seems to be working very well.
My favorite brand of Sippy is Playtex, so that's what eight of the new cups are.
The kitchen ones are Wal Mart cheapies - small clear water bottles with pop top lids. The only real chagrin with them is that Daddy wishes they weren't clear - you know... eating at the dinner table together? A two-year-old? Need I explain further?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Baby Shower at My Place

...My Colorado place-which-technically-belongs-to-Uncle-Wyatt!

A Baby Shower is the perfect public christening for a home, I think, and this shower was for Titus and Mrs. Smith..

Uncle Wyatt's house is truly beginning to feel homey - especially with some cool weather days where scented candles need to be lit!
Although I feel a little silly posting all these self-glorifying details, some who were at the party and some who wished to be would like to see these pictures, so you can all be invited and share the festivities with us - I wish you could have been here if you weren't able to make it!