Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Birthday Boy

How can it be already?!!
One year and my earliest walker he is.
Kind of fitting for an 8th child, don't you think?

From the moment he was born and it was clear he wouldn't even
fit into the sweet little newborn jams I had lovingly bought and dreamed of
my baby wearing...
I secretly knew I was going to miss that New Baby stage with this 10-pound-plus
son of mine already determined to make his mark on the world of men.

This morning the boy awoke to a room full of "punch balloons" and some special gifts.
He was most enthralled with the cell phone that his sis Carolina thoughtfully gave him.
I'm don't believe it left his hand except for lunch and naps.
Miles was holding it when Daddy left for work and was holding it when he returned
home in the evening!

Miles had berries and yogurt on pancakes for birthday breakfast
and then a lot of playing with balloons and Mega Blocks and of course - that cell phone :-)

In the evening Uncle Charlie was here and able to celebrate with us.
Miles was pretty stoic about the whole thing.  Getting older is serious business, don'tcha know?

Hangin' with the men is definitely where it's at though!

And then there was cake....

Cake is pretty much the crowning glory of awesomeness.

Well Happy Birthday little man!
Although I'm excited to watch you make your own mark on the world of men,
I'm praying you know that the greatest you can ever be
is a servant and friend of the King Jesus.

If no one ever sees you, or knows you, or appreciates you, it doesn't matter.
This world in not a kingdom that lasts and people will never value the things
that matter most to Him.  You are precious to Him and He loves you.
Love Him.

Daddy and I love you dear one~

~Love Mama

Sunday, March 9, 2014


These people who share our blood,

they are the dearest gifts on earth.

Seeking a heart of purpose to cultivate the friendships available underneath our own roof...

right under our noses :-)

Every altercation has the same root: selfishness.

To treat the other as we would want to be treated, that is the uniting theme.

Ever the same in any relationship we value.

Thoughtful kindness.

Respect of feelings. Respect of space. Respect of ideas.

It is a fine line to walk,  knowing when to joke and poke fun - in good fun - for the fun of all...

and knowing when to stop before crossing the line of "no longer fun" for all.

Self control. Preferring the other over yourself.

Because we know that we'll be in that other persons shoes at some time

and what a privilege to have the assurance that that guy - your brother - has your back.

True friendship.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


First  quilts completed!

Beautiful bright colors for learning the sewing machine, and hand quilted tops - lots of firsts here!
I think they turned out fabulous.
The girls let me hang them on some of the bare walls in this house
and I just adore the pop of sunshine they add to my winter :-)

Nicely done ladies.

And this... this is another first.
First teeth for Carolina to lose.  She is beaming, can you see it?

Miles too, is getting in on "firsts", but I don't have any good pictures of him.
In the last week he's gotten the hang of walking, just in time for his 1 year birthday
in a few days!

First time stunts and life experiences are on constant rotation around here.
I'm so glad because (besides potty training), I could happily relive my own excitement
of my children's "first-times" for the rest of my life :-)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Big Miles and the Dropping Game

This is Big Miles.

He sits at the big table now.

In his new chair.

He likes to eat Peanut Butter and Jam sandwiches now-a-days.

And pancakes when his sister makes them.

It looks like Miles has been eating berries in his yogurt today.

One of his favorite things to do lately is draw with the big kids.

He shows me his pencil, wanting me to see just what a big guy he is to be drawing!

He knows he is pretty smart.

Here's a new game Miles likes to try.

In this game, you drop something and wait to see who will pick it up for you first.

Big brothers and sisters are best for this game.  They love to oblige.

"Mama, it's down there."  Says Miles.

Miles forgets that mama doesn't play this game.

She never wins.

Someone clued mama in about 12 years ago,

that Baby would always drop more times than Mama could pick up.

Poor Miles.

Oh well.

Miles loves mama anyway.

Next time he'll drop something for Zack or Susie to pick up!