Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Cozy December Days

These days have seemed too good to be true.
We've had a lot of white outdoors this Holiday season, and yummy-smelling
candles every day. All the twinkly lights plugged in for all hours, and big
kids who can bake and make candy without any help! (Oie to loosing baby weight!)

Then there's our big little Lance Victory.

"Lance Factory" Aloria calls him as she searches her memory for his middle name :-)

Cousin Judah said that Lance should be a Knight when he grows up "because he has a
good name for a Knight" and I definitely agree.  I hope he will be - a champion for
righteousness and defender of the weak. Chivalrous and stout of heart, in service
of the King of Kings.

For now he is a sleepy little ball of fuzz :-)

Would you like a little peek inside the walls of our home these days?

The big guys are building a loft into an existing shed, which will be used for storing seasonal tires, yard tools, scrap wood for woodshop use etc,

There is a special spot in my heart for each of these hooligans.
Every one of them is unique and uniquely fitted into our family - and Oh!
How this family benefits from the personality, gifts,
humor, energy, and graces
each one brings into it.

We're resting again, in a gentle season of Winter and celebrations.
All I can say is Thanks Lord.

We have too many blessings to count!

Hugs to all~

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

~On the Holding Side~

With absolute delight and a fair portion of marvel,  I introduce to you

Lance Victory

10 lbs 12 oz,   21 inches long

Friends,  for the last few days and nights I've been cared for like a queen
by my husband and each of my capable growing-up-too-fast children.
I have a beautifully nested "turret" from which 
I sit on my bed or rocking chair holding my newest handsome love;
from here I can see out our second-story hillside window and look 
over rooftops of the wintry town below,
then across the valley to powder dusted mountains beyond.
Yesterday it even snowed big sleepy, drifty flakes, blessing my heart and senses.

{Oh Holding Side, you finally did come!}

While I have been sitting, I've attempted to form my thoughts and feelings 
into words. 
yet here I am tonight still fairly speechless.

The first days after opening such a package are a daze.
So much to process.
After doing this a few times, I've learned the value in
holding and breathing and kissing kissing kissing
sweet chubby cheeks.
In fact, even though it's winter, little Lance didn't get dressed
past a diaper for two days because I wanted to be near his skin.
I think his dad was relieved to see him finally clothed!
{Silly, proud, wonderful, smitten dad!}

Rather than recount a birth story, I just want to say how utterly
and desperately grateful I am to my friend Jesus
who walks with me through every small moment
and keeps me from racing into the next moments without his hand.
Who takes my weakness and makes it something beautiful
for His glory
just because He wants to.

How can it be, I am in one moment great with child
 and barely entering labor full of unanswered questions,
then just a matter of hours later I am holding my cherished unknown
now known
and the mystery of his story is written?
It is nothing short of a marvel.


To the King of Kings, our Knight who has conquered
and been victorious over death and the dragon!
Thank you.
~Thank you so very very much~

"But thanks be to God! 
He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."

1 Corinthians 15:57