Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Monday, March 29, 2010

I Have an Entrapreneur!


"Soil for 1 Dime A Load,

(Better get your soil now... I expect a long line on Saturday!) 


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

No OneTold Us We'd Have to EARN our Free Ice Cream!

We got to Ben and Jerry's yesterday but when we arrived I heard somebody (who shall remain nameless) ask if it wouldn't 
"just be easier to go somewhere else and BUY our ice cream?"

I told him that person:
Someone's got to teach our children to FIGHT for what's free!"
(or something like that).

So we did.

It's kind of nice that Ben and Jerry only offer free ice cream cones once a year.

*Little Girlie-Bug Cousins*

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Free... FREEEEEE (ice cream)......freeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

Ice Cream cones are a great way to kick off the beginning of Spring, don't you think?
Actually I'll celebrate anything with the right Ice cream, and while Ben and Jerry's hasn't any special place in my heart, free things have!

It just so happens that Ben and Jerry's is offering free ice cream cones today at some locations - Chico being one of them, and several places in the Denver Colorado area and Colorado Springs too. So if you feel like scoring points with the kiddo's and pulling a fast one on the sugar police...
Check this link for a Ben and Jerry's store location near to you!

Ben and Jerry's Free Cone Day

Monday, March 22, 2010

Are you tired of looking at those last few pictures yet?  I'm sorry to say that I have more from that Ocean trip that I'll be imposing on you!

Not yet though.

I can't imagine how, but I managed to forget what a Chico Spring does to me. It's one of the loveliest places to be for Springtime, but when the Walnuts and Oaks bloom... I mean to tell you, I'm about decommissioned.

Woe to Allergies.

In happier news, my little sister Molly and my brother in law Nick are expecting their first little Babe, and the three of them along with dog-baby Calli came for a visit over the weekend.

Despite allergies, there's scarcely a better way to spend the first day of Spring but with a piece of Bidwell Park, and some Ice Tea at the local tea joint.  Follow that with a Big Al's chocolate shake and you have something REALLY special!

  The only thing to top that is to sprinkle in some Char and Hannah, so...

Today we had the privilege to introduce our little 6 month old Bryce to Great Grandma F.

Ode to Springtime!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

More Mendocino

Mendocino California

I'm expanding my horizons with Blogger and experimenting with some features I've never used so bear with me.

My beloved husband spirited me away to the Coast last weekend - only the second time overnight without the children... ever!   (unless you count four or so hospital stays.  I don't.)

It was marvelous to enjoy several days of talking his ear off without interruption, and more notably, to enjoy several days of being quiet together... without interruption:-) 

It was nice.
Not necessary perhaps, but appreciated oh so much!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Celebrating Olivia

Today I am struck by how quickly 4 years passes.

This little lady hasn't discontinued her love for purple, but has embraced the rainbow. And if you could imagine that rainbow with some sunshine and ladybugs thrown in, you'd know my Olivia!
Very much like her Grandma in so many ways.

If you know my family, you might recognize a strong likeness to one particular Auntie here. Chatty Cathy, get-up, and posture:-)

Speaking of "get-up"...

I took Olivia for a date earlier this week and thought I'd let her choose a fabric for an easy gathered skirt.
She chose 2 fabrics (with no hesitation about what she liked) .
You can't see the top tier in this picture, but it's the ladybug print in green.
She couldn't choose between the green and the blue, and I just couldn't see it in my mind, so I chose the red to make a 3rd.

Daughter - I think you're wonderful!

I love you Miss Olivia Honor!!!
Happy Birthday:-)