Monday, May 30, 2011

Covelescing in Style (journaling Marvel Hill progress)

It was a weekend full of getting ready for visitors - my sis Molly and her family!
In the course of things, AJ sprained his ankle pretty good and has been hobbling around
on one good foot.

 Thankfully, he was able to think of a way to be useful...

and  convalesced in his excavator.

 It was miserable for him, but he managed to endure the day. (wink, wink) ;-D

We worked together to make our side yard functional
and lovely.  There was a lot of dirt and rocks involved,
and the children played nearby making it a truly perfect Idaho day!

 Zack and Clay were both inspired by our projects and worked super hard today.

I do love this picture :-)

And this boy was busy cleaning up everyone's apple cores.
By cleaning them up, I mean he ate every last piece of apple flesh.
Every.  Last.  Piece.

Really looking at that frog of hers. 


I was in constant awe today, marveling at all the shades of green on that far hillside!
This the view from our new "flat" spot on the hilly side-yard.

I am SO excited that there is now a place in which I can sit and visit,
watch children play, and sip coffee without praying for at least 3 legs of my
chair to touch dirt at once!

Tally-ho!  PROGRESS!!

Another Window

I told her I'm going to go broke if she keeps losing teeth at this rate!

That and we'll have to puree her food :-)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Best Friends

I believe this chair has been discovered before,
but the little guy hasn't had a chance to ride until today.

I have a feeling I'll be finding him here often
thanks to his obliging big sis!

Susanna Can Handle a Camera!

What a girl!  She's got quite an eye for a 6 year old.  Did I tell you she took that picture
of baby and me on the header?  It's so strange being in pictures these last couple years!

And then I had to snap a few myself - this little Bug is just so precious!

My week has gone so well after that Mocha Coconut.  HA!
I'm sure it's the prayers and the Lord's grace and that amazing fact that He loves me NOT according to
my own merit, but because He looks at me clothed in His Son's perfection.

I'm so grateful!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I am not worthy to be the benefactress of your prayers.
But I am benefiting in extraordinary ways!

Today I felt smiled upon, even down the the
seemingly insignificant detail of "...some REALLY good coffee.."

I'm sure some people wondered why I was grinning from ear to ear
while I sipped that coffee,
but I was certain
that a certain request
made by a certain sister just for me...
was the reason that Starbucks had a new flavor of Frapucino come for the Summer.
A certain Mocha Coconut.

And it was "REALLY good coffee"!

I got all my errands done today on Momma Bug's first solo trip to town with 7.
(sounds like the title of a book, doesn't it?)
It took over 8 hours, but my children were wonderful.
Delightful even.
Dare I say... perfect?
I always know when we're enjoying each other because that's when
people stop and stare not only in wonder,
but with envy.

Sheesh.  Even I stop and stare in wonder!

Aloria slept all day,
the children were helpful and sweet to each other.
Bryce maintained,
and the big kids kept on their feet  without drooping too much.
The potty stops were minimal.  (That's a thank-you-Lord all it's own!)
We covered all the stops
and crossed out the things on our list.
The drive was gorgeous - vibrant greens in the scenery
were absolutely AWESOME.  Candy for the eye.
We made it home before dark.
No one had a melt-down waiting for dinner.
They are now all tucked into bed
and the only thing that could be better would be for me to be tucked into bed...
That's coming soon!

I just wanted you to know how grateful I am for sisters far and wide.
Yes you.
Your prayers bless me.  Your kind words bless me.
My gracious, smiling, Heavenly Father
blesses me
because of you.

I love you very much.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's "That" week...

 ...The one where Adrenalin has left without a farewell and Tiredness catches up,
tackles me, and I get buried at the bottom of a dog pile.

I thought I was doing pretty good.  "That" week usually hits me at 3 weeks postpartum.
This time I made it to 4.

All of a sudden, emotions take the wheel, and brain takes the back seat.
It (my brain) doesn't even help give directions or answer critical questions as in:  
"Why am I standing in the pantry?"
"This diaper is dry.  I must have changed it twice and it's the other kid who's stinky.
What is WRONG with me?!!"

But then again.  It's not my brains fault I fuel it with only a couple hours of sleep at night.
And I DO know what's wrong with me.
It's "That" week.
"That" week occurs every 18 months more or less, and is of duration.  It won't last forever.

And I know what it is; can anticipate it's arrival. I recognize it when it crashes my party.
I have the advantage there because I've made a point to find ways of outsmarting Self Pity.

The very best one I know is to cuddle baby.
Or to watch my babies cuddle my baby!

To number the infinite blessings I enjoy - especially the holding of
a squishy, rosy cheeked, sleepy baby.
A baby who is healthy, and a warm nest to keep all my little chickens near.

Sometimes I continue to feel the way I feel.
But I know that it's just a passing feeling.
That with a little encouragement Truth (the Truth of God's mercy and grace poured out on my life)
will illuminate a way in which to go, and paint colors of vibrant hue on my circumstantial canvas
banishing a gray deception.
Oh blessed victory!

"That" week is now on the countdown!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Little Boy, Don't grow up!

One little boy
endless interest and energy
wanting to know
to handle
to experience
how things work.

No bashfulness
no challenge to big
no sides defining his box yet.

He could be seen as
in the way
making messes

 But he is
an explorer
a young life

 making me see
old things in new ways
average things becoming important
and simple made profound.

We who have all the work
which accompanies small people
are the rich!

Calypso Bulbosa

Getting outside our four walls there is a wealth of beauty to be observed
and studied, and recorded.
Good Nature Journal practice!