Monday, January 11, 2016

The Best-ness All Around Me

There's an awful lot of best-ness to my days, and that's what I love to see.

To look for.

Some days I have to search a little harder/dig a little deeper
(because tiredness and hormones like to obscure the lovely in life),
but there's always some wonder to notice or routine non-event to be grateful for.

{Thanks Lord for a washing machine that cleans clothes, and a water heater
that works. For cuts that don't need stitches, a baby without colic, or a husband
who comes home from work.}

The more I settle deep into the privilege of such a life, I am reluctant to use
certain words so casually.

Words such as "need" for instance.  I can't think of one single area in which
I can apply that in good conscience.
Kind of puts things into perspective and stretches my vocabulary as well,
trying to express a difficult feeling or experience while acknowledging the
very-great abundance in my life!

My Lance-boy is an official one month old already, and while four weeks
have brought an unhappy onslaught of baby acne for him and the re-entrance
of sleep-deprivation for me, the days are mostly filled up with best-ness :-)

This is me at 2pm, still in my pajamas. But the boy is sleeping, so
besides the desire for a shower, I'd say everything's right in the world :-)

And here's the two remaining pieces of evidence that I got a really special
pre-baby-birth pedicure 6 weeks ago from my friend Jana, who knew I couldn't
reach my feet and took pity. That's a kindred heart!

Maybe time for a new color?

Bryce often asks me if he can hold Lance.
Sometimes I ask him to "babysit" for a few minutes.

Our Olivia, nine years old.
So artistic; so creative!
Play dough never looked so awesome!

Also, Olivia is my flitting, floating, flying butterfly who dances throughout the house all day long!
These special Christmas gifts have been getting a lot of mileage.

Here's the face of a boy who loves "Hol' Tocters".
What is a Hol'Tocter, you ask?
Why this of course!

And another face I love!

The kids weren't inspired to go out into the snow until it had been
around for weeks.  And then one day, I guess it was time.

On a Saturday morning several of them rummaged through the snow
clothes and found enough to keep tolerable warm.  Then they began
serious enterprises in the department of fort-building.

I must say they've upped their game since the last time they
built snow forts!  Carolina built one on her own, Clayton and Susanna
collaborated on the one you see above, and Olivia crafted a veritable
castle replete with a flagged turret and chamber just for storing snowballs!
I didn't get a picture of it when it was finished, but it is the one which
all the kids are still talking about :-)

We un-decorated the Christmas tree together, and it was a sad affair.
Miles kept asking "Why? Why are you taking the tree apart?"

And on a quiet evening after the children were tucked into bed, I untangled
strands of lights from dried-up boughs.

So I guess it is good-bye to one season and hello to the next
chapter of best-ness :-)