Monday, June 30, 2008

A Story (...and LOTS of Pictures!)

Last week we bombed out of town for a "quick" weekend trip to Idaho.

It took us 21 hours to get there, but it was beautiful green scenery with lots of antelope scattered over the countryside.

The children were great sports, and awesome travelers - although Auntie Em is getting tired of watching The Incredibles! :-)

First things first: we breakfasted with Jon and Jana at a little roadside store.

This store is known for it's milkshakes, and it includes in its facility the post office, feed store (the wall facing the row of P.O. boxes), and movie rental store (didn't look like an extensive collection to me, but I watched someone come in a rent TWO, so it must meet the local standards!)
The Logger Omlettes there were wonderful! AJ and I split one on three different occasions we
ate there!

Here is our first tour of the property we are trying to buy.

It really is "to die" for, and couldn't be more "lush and green" per Zachary's specifications.

On Sunday my childhood friend who lives in Montana met us to play.
Between us we have ten children, and six of those were new since we last met!

Leaving the property that day, our van broke down.

Thankfully within walking distance of fore-said store, and even MORE thankfully our friends extended their hospitality to us until our van was able to be fixed!
Without cell reception, internet, or vehicle, we had a true vacation the week we were stuck in Montana! Here are some pictures of that time (Thank you dear dear Kell, Jon, and family!! It is a true test of friendship when eight extra people share your house for a seven days straight!)
Our children had a blast:-)

We got one more day at the property since we were in the area when escrow closed, and we had to sign papers.
We are now the proud owners of a new project!

(We are pretty excited:-)) While we were there, we did a little clean-up, as the previous owners left all their vacation supplies, and the mice left poop.

Upon leaving Montana, we met up with dear friends from Ca who were visiting their folks, and siblings - the friends we were staying with (are you following all this?) (I don't blame you. It's a little complicated!)

As I heard one of the adults aptly point out: A school bus is much more fun to play on if you've never had to ride one to school every day!!!

This is a hike to check out our friends 20 acre piece

Our trip back to Co. was long, but we had lots to talk about.

I don't know yet what the future holds, but it's good to have dreams. I realize that I am very fortunate, and I can only thank the Lord for His gracious blessing.

Thank YOU Lord!!