Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Truth Comes out

We sat at the table, the kids joking loudly while I fed Miles yogurt
and tried to snatch a few bites of my own meal.

Upon hearing something of questionable dinner-table content,
Zachary proceeded to correct one of his sisters.

Immediately I asked him, "Hey. Are you the mom?"

You're probably familiar with this line but if not, it's meant to remind the
bossy sibling that if mom is present than mom can take care of it.

Without skipping a beat he replied
"No, but I have an idea that I should be!"

All hope for serious reproof was lost with the irruption of laughter.

Myself included.

One of these days I may just give him the chance.  I wonder if the imaginations version
of being a mom is all it's cracked up to be?

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bits for Memories

The purpose in our travels Southward in route to Colorado
was to take the children to the Northern California Coast
that we love dearly, for a little salt air and tide pooling
(those pictures to come in the next post).

And also to hug some favorite Grama's, collecting kisses
and memories to grow on.

Family is such a precious thing.  In the loveliest and best
parts we enjoy (which I realize few even have the privilege
to realize) there is a dim picture of what Heaven will be like.

The earthly version of family is severely flawed, but even so,
there is a longing within us to experience the confidence of
To be fully known.
And in spite being fully known, to be accepted still.

I have been undeservedly blessed in my experience
of family growing up.  I am blessed every day to
know the gift of family as I tend to my own little clan.

It is the hope and purpose of both of us parents to help
our children capture a glimpse of Heaven and the huge love
of our Heavenly Father through the tenderest and most
grace-filled family interactions.
All those flawed moments exist too, but they are not to be
confused with the truth of a perfectly sinless vacation/adventure
(yet to come) with our Lord and the ones we love most!

If family is unknown to you in this way and your heart is raw,
I embrace you with an encouragement that it aches because
you desire what you were meant to know.
Grab on to hope and don't let go!  Your day is coming soon.

These pictures are captured and recorded for memories sake.
Perhaps for you, they can be a sparkle of hope for what will come.

My Grandma Arlene, and my Grandma Bethlene down below.

Missing a sister and sis-in-love :-(

Trying to beat Grampa for the highest swing-pumper.
Not looking so successful. ...Or as determined to win :-D

A few pictures from our visit out to Travis's house for some good hard play :-)

Precious bits for memories and little tastes of Heaven.
Come soon Jesus!

Saturday, November 16, 2013


We've landed.

It was a very full, blessed, and hectic couple weeks,
but worth the detour through California while on our
way to Winter in Colorado.

It wasn't until we drove our final miles and threw our
pillows on the floor of this high desert house, piled our
shoes by the door, and plopped onto the couch, that
the magnitude  of the undertaking hit me.

Sheer exhaustion.

48 hours later we are nearly unpacked and beginning
to see the promise of a comfortable settling in.
There have been good things for the kids to rediscover,
and the luxury of flush toilets and a dishwasher;
comfortable beds and a light, bright, warm, friendly indoors
also make this a pleasant landing place.

Still, it takes time for me to get my bearings.
Some adjustments to routine are planned, a reorder of
chores initiated, a shuffling of bedrooms, a mobile and
exploring baby to consider this time.
It all adds up to a lot.
It kind of feels like we need to jump in with both feet
and not waste time testing the waters.

I know I might not ever jump otherwise.

What an adventure :-)


Would you like to see how we camped out on our way

Last year we decided to shop for a travel trailer that would
(wishing/hoping/praying) fit all of us.
The little guy we ended up taking home had just come in and
was sitting yet-uncleaned at the back of the lot.  The only one
of it's kind at the dealership.

In only 24 feet of length this trailer sleeps 10 (or some varied number
of varying sized people :-)).

This sweet tiny room at the back end was a deal maker!
It has four bunks, fits the port-a-crib and has some
storage cabinets too.

While on the road, each child has one backpack for clothes.
It seems to be just right and backpacks can be stowed at
the end of beds or in the cabinets.

And THIS cool set up was just perfection to me.  It was a
great hope of mine to find something which could have all
the beds set up ready to be used as soon as we could pull
over and park.

Many trailers that accommodate a large number of people
have soft sided drop-downs which can be folded out once
parked, but the beds can only be set up after the tent-like
pop outs have been set up.

Awesomely, this trailer has a full bed that slides out like a drawer
from over the couch and dinette, making it possible (practical even)
to have every bed made and ready to climb into!

I  love it.  Love it.

Red Vines.
New traveling tradition :-)

Basically we drive for a day, stopping for fuel, potty breaks,
food, and when necessary(!) coffee.  Then at night we have
found staying in a "friendly" Wal Mart to work well.  Often we need
to restock on bottled water or some other necessity - like cookies -
and shopping is just a short hike away.

Usually we pack our own food for travels and alternate with
some eating out when we need a real break from the road.

What I pack to eat on the run?

*Cream Cheese
*Lunch Meat/Salami
*String Cheese
*Hard Boiled Eggs
*Washed Grapes
*Cut Cucumbers, Carrots, Snap Peas

I don't pack all these things all the time
and I often add some special treats as well, but I find that
this list provides all we need to make any meal work.

Now.  As wonderful as that all is, I have to say I'm real
glad to be done traveling.  It's hard on the all the senses
and my system could use a good Fast and about a
months-worth of sleep!

Our faithful little trailer has been a fun toy and great alternative
to staying in a hotel (which has become a feat all its own with
the size family we have!).

Plus, who doesn't like a Red Vine every now and again :-)

Happy Landing to Us!