Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Problem Solved.

While folding laundry in the cozy guest bedroom of my folks-in-love home

one of my two daughters ask me:

"Mom, why do you want Olivia and I to stay in the room with you?"

to which I answer

"Because I need your help... and want your company."

and without batting an eye, Olivia offers this:

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Susanna can be the help.

...and I'll be the company."

heartfull thanksgiving


on the shimmering pool
of time

one moment to cherish
that one unmatched, irreplaceable, dreamlike moment
beheld of mine eye

tucked safely away
in hearts embrace
to recall at any time

loving dear ones. family by bond of blood, or through marriage. these are my friends.
remembering times together
and having many many reasons...

 to thank Jesus.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Whada week!

15 hours drive
7 children
0 husband
1 mocha for 1 crazy me.
We made it, are alive, and have retrieved husband.
All is well.  Very well.

Some sleep would be nice :-)

Monday, November 14, 2011


Have you ever come up with an idea that's original? Or solve a problem that had you stumped?
When you had that "Ah-ha" moment, did you think to yourself (or even out-loud):
You haven't?

I've been wanting a banner or something over my bed.
I also had these great metal letters waiting for a home.
I rummaged up some wire and a couple hooks, had planned
to punch a holes in the corners, but each letter already had two
hangers attached to the back.  Strung the wire through; made a loop
at each end by twisting the wire, and hung.  Viola!

I wonder if that's how God felt when he completed each glorious piece of creation?
You know how He said "It is good"?
I bet that was kinda like "I Am CLEVER!"

It was sure nice of Him to share a small spark of His creativity with us.
He is CLEVER! And Creative!  And Marvelous!!!

And I think I know how He felt :-)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

There're some things I want to remember

Will I?
Probably not.  I can't even remember what I open the fridge for lately.
But Bryce?  The sayings of Bryce are worth plumbing the depths of my memory
(my memory becomes a murky deep after only hours... or less).

I am of the belief
that life would be about perfect if I could keep
a 2 year-old boy in my home for all time!

Here's why:

"Shall we go get Aliyah Mom?"

"Hi Aliyah!  You wake up?"

"Would'jue fill my cup please?"

"I don't LIKE potatoes."

"Will you help me open this mom?"

I'm duhnna do dit my drankie!"

"Can I go outside?"

"Dat's a RAY-ben Daddy."
"Yes Bryce, that is a raven.  Can you say 'Ray-VEN'?"
"I don't want to say... raven."

"Can you tickle me Daddy?"

These sayings and thoughts spatter bright splashes of color on our days,
and the big brothers and sisters are able to grin with me
as our eyes meet over the fuzzy little head of our favorite wee man!

He adores (and I do mean that) adores his tiny sister.  He notices the
moment she enters the room on my arm, and then grabs her attention
with a hearty laugh and a cheer!  It's a piece of  Heaven I tell you.
These are the good ol' days, and I will miss them when they pass.

Yesterday I went outside for a "few" minutes.
I left Susie and Olie in charge.
I returned to hear tales of the littlest brother sitting at the table eating Big Sis's candy suckers.
(I guess a "few" minutes was "enough" minutes)
What did I say to that?

Good for him.

And maybe that ncident will create some special motivation for actually watching our little booger
when I put them girls in charge.
That could be nice :-)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I call this one: "Bugletts in Leaves"


just a regular day

still in jams

hair all a muss

bright eyes

holding-tight arms

tiny clasping hands

i love you secrets whispered

giggles exchanged

smiles for momma.........

my girls


Sunday, November 6, 2011

I might be little, but...

Clayton had something Bryce wanted.  Bryce sounded some unpleasant demands.

I instructed Bryce to ask his big brother for it nicely:  "May I please have that Clay?"

As he gave me "The Eye" I encouraged:  "May I please have that Clayton?"


I turned to Clayton and gave him permission to keep his belonging:  

"You don't have to give it to him." [just because he asks]

I then take up again with Bryce:  "say 'May I please have that Clayton?'"

Looking up at me through those long eyelashes he said in a barely audible voice:

"I don't have to say it Mommy."

That's when I had to leave.
It's not a helpful training maneuver to laugh at small dissenters!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

And now I give you... The Larch

Have you seen Larch?  Also known as Tamarack?
It's a deciduous tree that blends right in with our evergreen, yet loses it's needles after
turning the mountainsides brilliant shades of gold!  The birch are done for the year...
behold The Larch.

Okay.  I know y'all must be tired of tree pictures, but I'm trying to entice family and friends to visit.
We happen to think this one of God's most beautiful countrysides anywhere, and the pictures are just
for proof :-)
In other tree news, we're still putting away firewood.  There's more logs to be cut, rounds to be split,
and split wood to be stacked under cover.  The boys have been working very hard (mostly) at this
job, but I've been getting out there to raise the bar on pace.  It's nice to have a reason for putting on
the ol' overalls and hoodie sweatshirt (I "borrow" my Great Guys' because it's a big, comfy, already-stained
hug I can wear and be warm while thinking of him).  I should wear some kind of gloves, but I don't.
That might change tomorrow because my thumb finally got in the way of a hunk o' wood I was stacking.
Thankfully it gashed my cuticle pretty good so it bled like the dickens.  If I smash my thumb it's going to
hurt, so it may as well bleed and LOOK like it hurts HAHA!
There was a bit more to be completed, but that curtailed my career in firewood for the day.
Hopefully the weather will hold off on snow a while longer so we can fill the woodshed and be relatively
certain of warmth for the entirety of the winter months :-)

One last fall picture:  a moment I spied when I walked past the window some weeks ago.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Chocolate "Party in a Box"

From Grandma with love!

My mom sent a box full of chocolate covered peanut butter balls.  She knows just what tickles
our taste buds and warms our hearts (and the right time of year to send something like that
through the mail!) Everyone oooohed and ahhhed over the many round morsels as cousin
Ellie removed them from their packaging.  Were they ever enthusiastic - somewhat impatient,
but definitely enthusiastic!

Grandma, you blessed our hearts and our tasters.  Thank you SO MUCH!
Here's a few pictures from our party - only wish you could have been here.

We love you!