Tuesday, April 15, 2014

For Someone Very Special...

Yes it's true.

Two months left until I meet one of my favorite people ever!

With the winter months indoors and desire to dream, this quilt grew
quickly and was relieved to be completely finished with plenty of time
to spare.

I loved every minute of cutting, piecing, and stitching.  Such gentle, methodical
work for the hands while the mind and heart swell with thoughts, ideas, plans...

And mulling over a couple lovely names until they become a possibility for this wee
ones own unique personality, makes the days slow (rather than rush by) as I
get more and more eager to know who he or she is.

It has been a quiet season here - both at home and in spirit (as well as in blog :-)),
but in a matter of days the quiet turns to din as we prepare for the Idaho trek
homeward and look forward to a full Summer of house projects, Spring cleaning,
welcoming a baby, and many romps in the forest and lake.  For me, I hope this
means sitting with a snuggled Tiny Bit and putting my feet up - if I'm lucky, an icy
drink will be within reach and someones interesting story to listen to.
I think it's likely :-)

That kind of fullness of day will be a pleasant exchange for the quiet ones now
coming to a close.

I welcome it all.