Wednesday, June 20, 2012

From Behind the Eyelids

Saturday mornings I am in bed.
Sometimes I am asleep.
Mostly I pretend to be.
Often there is a din.  A stampede through my room which jars my senses.
Occasionally there are whispers and tip-toeing.

Regularly I wake to distant conversation, and like a fly on the proverbial wall I hear everything.
I hear the tea kettle steaming,
I hear hands furrowing through a Lego bin,
I hear little girl voices babbling like the ceaseless flow of a mountain brook,
I hear baby squawks and motor noises made by boys.

From behind closed eyelids I know what projects are going on.
Pancake making, rocket building, pencil drawing...painting.

One morning, eyes still fastened shut I surmised that my eldest was
working on a project using model paint.
There was a hubbub.
A frantic command for someone to grab a paper towel - "quick."

And just as I am imagining the many possibilities I hear Clayton's
slow calm voice say with great fanfare:

 "And from now forward

this shall be known as...


Then with eyes squeezed even tighter, I broke out into luminous grin
shoulders quaking with laughter.
With images of instant-drying silver paint tickling the back of my eyelids
there was little else I could do
but laugh.

And be glad I was still in bed.

The now infamous Table of Silver
 (I ask "why did you stop there?  Next time would you please paint the whole table.")


Cinnamon said...

I get it TOTALLY!! I have little "love" marks left on precious possessions. Today they are treasured memories that I can retell with a big smile.

Now you have to keep that table always. If you throw the table away there goes your story - haha! Or at least hand it down the the "artist" :-)


SarahS said...


Oh these precious days...

Mountian Man said...

I remember the days that I was the perpetrator of such things! I'm sure the table was in need of a good working over anyway. Nothing like a good reason to refinish such a fine piece of furniture. Wish I could be there to see it in person!