Thursday, December 19, 2013

Season's Sweetness

In this season of our lives we've made the decision to hunker into home
and not be going fifty places.

As one precious mother pointed out to me, there may come soon a time for a different season.

My big ones are getting bigger
and coming into their own interests and friendships.

We are beginning to add in outside lessons
and making a priority of personal desires which take us on adventures further away.

This decision has been less for the purpose of insulating us
and more for preserving sanity.
Desiring to make our family life one of peace and as much joy as we can capture.

Besides, it's a serious undertaking at this stage (with babies and toddlers and associated gear)
to go anywhere.

All that said, Christmas is a peaceful dreamy time around here.
We may use other adjectives to describe it in future, but in this season it is - truly - magical.

This was a first introduction to the Nutcracker ballet and the stringing of pop corn.

This is a beautiful "Thanksgiving" dinner that Zachary made
in celebration of the Christmas season.  
Pies, Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Olives (for fingers, of course)
Yam Casserole, Green Beans, Cranberry, Rolls, Gravy, and Sparkling Cider.

The other day we had some sweet friends over to help us sip Hot Chocolate
and decorate our annual Sugar Cookies!

And this is my fun "new"wall which has needed cup hooks and something colorful for a while.
Zachary knocked together this sign for me to paint.  Pure therapy :-)

If that frosting-covered face doesn't say it all :-)

And this is one more newly-toothed irresistible face to smooch!

"Haha!  Joke's on YOU mama!"

And this is an amazing feat all its own:
a Christmas stocking completed in time for a first Christmas!

The kids say there's room for more :-D

So that's a sneak-peek into our home this Holiday season.  We've just done the basic traditions
this year and haven't pushed too hard for extra projects and activities. The kids have been
elving in the shop, and at the new sewing machine (which the girls are quickly learning to use!).

Miles is crawling around faster than lightning, pulling himself up on things
and putting everything into his mouth!  Aloria is potty training.  Doesn't that say enough?
If you wonder what I'm doing with all my free time, it's taking Aloria to the bathroom
and chasing Miles. Haha!

Life is good.
Very sweet.

Blessings upon you each this Christmas season and the Joy of knowing Jesus as Lord!


Marie said...

Beautiful pics.....I love the idea of just hunkering down at home and enjoying the season! all the sweet faces and the beautiful cookies:) Merry Christmas!!!

Kathy said...

Definitely looks dreamy. Hope you all have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Anonymous said...

Wish I could eat one of those beautiful cookies. :) That Miles....oh how he has grown.

Cinnamon said...

Is that Aloria way up there on that ladder? Can she be that big?! That grown up already?

Oh look at your girlie there on the sewing machine. A little Mama in the making. Super cute!

I love love love LOVE!!!! your sign! Simply beautiful!

You inspire me ♥

Love to you this Christmas!
"Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men." Luke 2:14

hugs ~ Cinnamon

Julia said...

oh what precious family photos..I love love love them all!

Peace and joy to you and yours this Christmas! {{hugs}} from Julia, in New Zealand

Momma Bug said...

Julia, Marie, Kathy, Nikki, Cinnamon...

I can't really say just how much I appreciate each one of you and your comments - they brighten my countenance and refresh my spirit!
Thank you dear friends, for pouring a few minutes of your time here and for sharing your lives back with me.

Momma Bug :-)

SarahS said...

Just Lovely :)
Merry Christmas, Dear Loves!
From the Stiewig Clan

Jana said...

I took my time and meandered through this post like I was wandering through your home with you. Miles' stocking turned out really fun! And your sign above the row of mugs makes me happy. I love it!!