Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Winter Swimmers

One of the most fun things in our Colorado winter, has been getting
the kids into swimming lessons.  I've found that swimming isn't
necessarily standard fare everywhere in the country, but being raised
in sunny California, both AJ and I grew up in the water.
Learning to swim is just a good idea when you're going to be
hanging around water for recreation.

In North Idaho where we spend most of our time now-a-days,
the hot summer season is shorter, but we still spend a lot of it in the
lakes and streams.  It is really really good to see the kiddos catch on
to staying afloat and learning their strokes!

This year Aloria joined the ranks of swimming learners.
Isn't she just the darling-est thing ever in all that swim get-up?!

Our lessons take place at 5:30pm and we've had great instructors
who've fit seven children into two classes that overlap so we can
get out of there in an hour(!)

Still with the convenience of all that, it is a full-on sprint to get out
the door with 7 towels, swim caps, goggles, shoes, warm clothing over
swim garb (since it IS winter and there IS snow on the ground)...
then to get hair up, caps on, kids in, kids out, dried off, socks and shoes
onto wet feet, collecting of all said garb and paraphernalia and phew.
It's a workout just rehashing it!

A few fun photos from swim lessons :-)

WAHOO!  Come'on summer - we'll be ready for ya!


Marie said...

Swim lessons are being enjoyed by all I believe....cute kiddos :)

Jana said...

:) makes me nostalgic.

Diane said...

Looks like great fun!

Kelly Laflin said...

How fun! I love the pic. of the snow boots sitting next to the pool!

JMB Ranch said...

Hello my friend. It has been awhile...Aloria has grown so much and a sweet new bug too!
I am ready for Spring too, we need to plan our gardens soon :)

Momma Bug said...

Brenda! I have not forgotten you either! I'm going to have to check up on your blog to see how you're doing and what all you've been up to.
I bet you're enjoying being a Grandma?!!

Thank you for the hello, friend.

May the Lord bless you with His favor.