Thursday, February 6, 2014

HIS Love-Letter

His love-letter is written across our lives 
in every soul-nourishing detail.

We often pass by it uncelebrated 
because we expect it
and then promptly take it for granted.

{{Let it not be so.}}

{Just a little reminder to me
that God has called me Beloved, 
and writes me love-letters every day.

Each dimple and expression that thrills my heart,
every beauty that takes my breath away,
in silence and in song,
in provision 
in emptiness...
He is all.

And He 

Photo interest:

1) A sleeping Aloria Mercy
2) Songbird at dusk
3) Coffee, Quiet, and Letter-writing
4) An extravagant gift from me to me 
which made me smile when it arrived in the mail
5) Love note from Susanna Glory
6) Miles smiling at me around his bottle
7) Painted wooden hearts made and gifted to me by my Clayton
8) Sunset
9) Carolina's empty-toothed smile - first tooth lost!
10) Bryce learns to draw hearts today
11) Be still my beating {creative} heart
12) Valentine-ish stamps


The Munck Family said...

Love this post, it's a wonderful reminder...His love is all around.

Your blessed!

Momma Bug said...

Thank you Laura~ I have been thinking of your family a lot lately, enjoying the snippets of your new farm life and truly enjoying all the changes taking place there!

Hugs to you friend~

Cinnamon said...

Awww! So sweet and so true. Capturing the special moments of life in your home. What a treasure!

Loved the mug!!


Momma Bug said...

My favorite mug for coffee, because it's a "petite" size which is about all the coffee I need. Haha!

(My Hot Chocolate mug is much larger :-D) said...

lovely post!!

Sally said...

Lovely--lovely. Will call soon--under the weather this weekend, but that actually gave me a chunk of unplanned time to enjoy the warm fire on some rainy days, and a bit of indoor sit time to do some creating of my own. Hugs! --m

Brenda said...

So true...his love is all around!
Such a joy to see your view on things through your photos. Yummy coffee :)