Tuesday, April 15, 2014

For Someone Very Special...

Yes it's true.

Two months left until I meet one of my favorite people ever!

With the winter months indoors and desire to dream, this quilt grew
quickly and was relieved to be completely finished with plenty of time
to spare.

I loved every minute of cutting, piecing, and stitching.  Such gentle, methodical
work for the hands while the mind and heart swell with thoughts, ideas, plans...

And mulling over a couple lovely names until they become a possibility for this wee
ones own unique personality, makes the days slow (rather than rush by) as I
get more and more eager to know who he or she is.

It has been a quiet season here - both at home and in spirit (as well as in blog :-)),
but in a matter of days the quiet turns to din as we prepare for the Idaho trek
homeward and look forward to a full Summer of house projects, Spring cleaning,
welcoming a baby, and many romps in the forest and lake.  For me, I hope this
means sitting with a snuggled Tiny Bit and putting my feet up - if I'm lucky, an icy
drink will be within reach and someones interesting story to listen to.
I think it's likely :-)

That kind of fullness of day will be a pleasant exchange for the quiet ones now
coming to a close.

I welcome it all.


Jaclyn Trafton said...

Oh my such wonderful news!! Such a beautiful quilt....congratulations on the coming addition!

Momma Bug said...

Thank you Jaclyn! You are so kind.

The Munck Family said...

I'm so thrilled for you!!!!! And you look just beautiful, as always! I hope you have some sweet down time to cuddle your new bundle in the amazing quilt, made with love.

You spoke such kind words to me recently on my blog, thank you! I would like to say your blog has inspired me for allow the creative juices flow with my kids...mess and all :)
Blessings and prayers for you~

Julia said...

You look amazing and so peaceful. (I spent my 9 months of pregnancy hanging over a toilet bowl!) I'm inspired by your beautiful quilt...must try to fit more sewing into my creativity. {{hugs}}

Nikki said...

Wow!! What an exciting post to come over and read.:) Congratulations to all of you!

Cinnamon said...

Analene ~ Such beauty in God's gifts...and the quilt is absolutely wonderful too!!

What fun is waiting for you back in your mountain home. Such treasures and lots of exploring I am sure!!

Taking it easy and putting your feet up sounds like just the ticket as you cuddle your precious gift.

We are long overdue for that phone call...y'know the one you make while bathing children...haha!

{hugs} ~Cinnamon

Kendra Zickafoose said...

I love the quilt and I love this news! And I have also found that I have come to love seasons of quiet. May God bless you in the coming months! Thank you for sharing your life in this space!

Rebekah said...

So happy for the new baby coming!!! Keep us updated as much as possible!!! Be safe with the move back home!

Cynthia Gentile said...

Congratulations, my online friend! I can't wait to "meet" you newest blessing either..though I bet your excitement is greater ~smile~
What a lovely quilt you have made to wrap that baby up in..
Blessings, Cindy

Jana said...

You are downright pretty, my friend. Babies look wonderful on you. :) the quilt turned out lovely. Can I be that person handing you an icy drink and talking your ear off? I'd like that. :)

Momma Bug said...

Cindy~ It's a pleasure to meet you!

Jana-dear... I'm hoping you'll be sipping with me, but I expect Bryce and Liberty to be telling the stories :-D We can listen together though! It's going to be a wonderful Summer. I'm counting on it!
And ahhh... "...Baby's look wonderful on you.." Thank you. I like that turn of phrase very much. It makes me want to make "baby's" a continuing style :-D

1HappyWife said...

Such happy news!!!!! Congratulations!!!! Your quilt is beautiful. A special gift to wrap a special gift in :). Looking forward to hearing baby news and reading your birth story.

Shauna said...

Oh 'Lene, my heart bursts for you. What wonderful, thilling, exciting, glorious news this is! I do believe, though, that it brings the count of babies-of-my-dear-friend-that-I-have-yet-to-meet up to three, and that is simply scandalous. We MUST get together soon. I miss you so. Lots of love, Shauna

Chrysti Carpenter said...

I am so excited for you! We are expecting number 6 in October.

Momma Bug said...

Thank you Chrysti and Congratulations!

Shauna, are you still aiming for 36?
It looks like I am :-D I bet I can't get 36 even with the childbearing years I have yet ahead of me. Haha!!
Thank you for your kind and generous words. I am among women blessed - so very very blessed.
Loving you, and looking forward to meeting your sweet ones as well.

Diane said...

You Are looking simply beautiful, sis! Love and miss you. I've sent a couple emails your way but never heard back. Hope they did reach you, and life just hasn't allowed us to connect! Can't wait to meet your new little one...I've yet to meet Miles too!! Ah. Love you!

Cathrine said...

Congrats with the pregancy!:-)
What a beautiful Quilt. I really loved it, one of the prettiest Quilts I seen actually! really get inspired to try to make one my self. :-) And love your red skirt also :-)

Cathrine said...

Can I ask what fabric you used for the Quilt? :-)

Momma Bug said...

Catherine, What a lovely complement. Thank you! Unfortunately I bought a little of this and a little of that fabric I liked, so I didn't note any particular designer names.
I did choose from a lot of fat quarters I loved, and that one colorful piece was one I couldn't resist - the scandinavian print hooked me (there's some Danish and Czechoslovakian blood here)and if I ever take a look at my fabric remnants and note a name, I'll post it here :-)
Please let me know if you follow that inspiration and complete a quilt of your own. I'd live to see it!!


Cathrine said...

Hey. Thanku for your answer! :-) I will se what fabric I find. I have taken online classes to learn to Quilt with Jenny Doan, its so helpful! :-) Making a bedquilt for my daughter now, its so fun :-)

Thanku for letting us peek into your life! Such an inspiration! :-)

celt said...

Congratulations! Another wonderful blessing for you and AJ. I'm a tad envious. : )

Laura said...

Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! You look wonderful and I love the quilts. :)

SarahS said...

Oh, I love those photos of you, Dear Friend! Congratulations again, from all of us :)

Kimberly Bryant said...

Such wonderful news! Praying blessings over your family! With love, Kimberly

Xenia Kathryn said...

I LOVE the quilt! And you look so radiant! Big hugs and congrats on Baby #9!