Saturday, May 31, 2014

Beloved Sister and a New Brother~

My precious youngest sister Mattie Grace found her beloved.
And married him today.

I wasn't able to be there since this baby's birth is now a couple weeks away
and the trip home to Chico is a good 18 hours one way.  Varicose veins and such, don'tcha know.

I'm not sure who caught whom, but it looks like they're in a for a future filled with fun!

We are so thrilled to add this new brother Jeremy to the Uncles :-) and OH how I wish
we could have been there today, to witness the beginning of such a precious union.

Here's my sister (almost 4) with me just before my own wedding nearly 17 years ago.
My Aloria is her clone, I think :-)

For Mattie and Jeremy:  Congratulations dear ones!
With all my heart I love you.

~Your Sis


Diane said...

You are so talented! Very happy for Mattie!

Jana said...

Just lovely! Such a gift.

And so hard to be far away.

And I don't know that I've ever seen a good picture of your wedding dress, but I love the lace shoulders. So pretty. :)

Mommy Reg said...

:) Such a pretty piece of artwork! I cannot believe it has been that long since you (and I for that matter) were the ones in the gowns. But then again, I can.

Momma Bug said...

So true friend. 17 years yikes! I'm liking today pretty well, and though it was a lovely season (getting married) it doesn't beat all the seasons since then :-)