Wednesday, July 16, 2014

35 Bits of Summer

Because a picture is worth a thousand words.
And a lot of pictures is better yet, right?

Starting with Emerald of course!  4 weeks old today and so precious.

Picture 2, Some sibling fun in the Pond
Pictures 3-8, Fourth of July on top of a mountain - accessed by quads for a grand total of 24 bodies :-)
Pictures 9-14, Zachary's 13th birthday celebration!!! Wow. What happened to 13 years?
Pictures 15-20, Life at home
Pictures 21-33, A real vacation kind of day at lake Pend Orielle with Uncle Daniel

Sweet times happening here -mixed in with sleep deprivation, mosquito bites, and sugar melt-downs, but sweet nonetheless :-)

So tell me, what have ya'll been up to?


Cinnamon said...

Hello Analene!! Your precious Emerald is perfectly sweet! I love how tiny she looks and how cuddly! Four week already? Where did that time go? She's a little "love" bug to be sure.

How are you feeling? Getting any rest? Is she a good sleeper?

Mosquito bites --- hate hate hate those critters. They love me for some odd reason. Seriously - John could be sitting right next to me. He get ZERO bites and I've got 100 :-/ It's maddening!

Love that you got a real vacation, as you put it :-) Those are the best!

I've been busy playing taxi with my working children. Throw in swim lessons (that they teach) and drivers ed and well I'm officially under paid! haha! It's only a two week stint...then I can back to lounging on the couch with my bon bons ;-)

Miss you! Look forward to the next time we get to chat.


Anonymous said...

Lovely precious peeks into your summer. Sweet baby girl pictures. :)

Gramsie said...

Love the know how we look forward to & enjoy each one when you can find time to post! Zack is certainly turning the corner into young manhood! And Emerald is just a perfect little beauty...can't wait to meet her, to see everyone in person again & to fill my heart to the brim with grandie hugs and kisses! Love you!