Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tea for Two

Together they sat.
Two red chairs pulled up to one make-shift kitchen island.

A white satin ball gown with jewels enveloped one seat, while a hot pink lace tunic
(accessorized with striped toe socks no less) perched respectively across the corner.

Small beflowered teacups with matching saucers littered the surface in front of them,
only two privileged for use.

The conversation I per chanced to overhear sounded antiquated - there was chatter about "the
time she fainted", and "the good old days" back when they were eight or ten years old - but
numerous irruptions of giggling and the youthful tinkle of laughter (which often evolved into
explosions of snorts and guffaws) gave away the truth.  And as indecorous as it would be,
I really thought I might witness tea coming out of someone or other's nose!

The scene was reminiscent of a Norman Rockwell or Carl Larson painting and I think either
would have gladly whipped out their pens and brushes for pleasure and posterity.

My own tool of choice for recording this party is evident.  Not paint nor pen nor graphite scrawl.

If I'd happened to own a silken  garment of my own though, I might have been sitting on the
other side of the camera lens, pinky finger extended and teacup raised.

Perhaps when an event of such nature pops up again I'll be more prepared.

Even a good pair of candy-striped toe socks would do the trick :-)


PUPPPsMom said...

A friendship for life there. Love those little tea cups!

Nikki said...

Beautiful girls. :) I LOVE when my girls dress up for tea! Sisters such special times they can have.

Marie said...


SarahS said...

So sweet :)

Brenda said...

Your girls are growing so fast and are so beautiful. Precious memories made every day.

Tina Young said...

I miss your wonderful posts, and hope you and your family are well. Praying God is blessing you and yours with all you stand in need.

Marie said...

Thinking of you and your sweet family! Hope all is well! Missing your beautiful posts :)