Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Maiden Voyage of the Dinghy's

Still no boat names, but that didn't stop the fellas from embarking on
the maiden voyage before Summer's end!

Two dinghy's were unloaded and launched into the Pack River, which is
a sandy-bottomed meandering stream which flows into lake Pend Orielle.
Also, Dad took the kayak with Bryce, Uncle Daniel launched his rowboat,
and friend Jon came with his water craft too. 

The girls and I (with Miles-boy) waved them out of sight around the bend, 
drove away, and waited to hear when they were ready for pick up.

It was to be a half-day's adventure, but the guys packed essentials for a
"just in case" overnighter.  A call came at 5pm with the message that they
wouldn't need picking up until the morrow, so a minimally planned for
overnight on a sandy beach crowned the Pack River adventure.

Apparently it was a cold night
Apparently no campfires are allowed during this dry fire season.
Apparently Bryce somehow managed to leave his fleece behind.
Apparently Dad equipped the boys with warm sleeping bags.
Apparently Mountain House and some trail mix is good enough for dinner.
Apparently it was a blast, and...
Apparently one night was enough for everyone ;-)

We womenfolk loaded up again the next day and drove downstream to wait.

We heard the echo of voices first... and then they appeared!

What a great adventure!  I sure was glad to have them back with the rest of us
and to hear tales of collecting freshwater mussels, sleeping in swim trunks, and
how hard sand is to get comfortable on in a sleeping bag.

In the end there were four boys smiling from ear to ear, completely wiped out from the
fun and ready for dinner and a snooze - completely satisfied :-)

Successful endeavor!


Cinnamon said...

What a memory!! I loved reading all about it. Those boys will never forget the night they sailed off into the sunset. they come ;-)

I love the girls bathing suits too. I think next year will find us all needing a new bathing suit. My girls have all grown up and out and are onto bigger clothes. Mama just needs to move down and smaller, not bigger and better...haha!

p.s. I couldn't believe that was Bryce in the kayak. He's gotten soo big!! A mini Daddy for sure ;-)

Momma Bug said...

Oh my, yes! Everyone big and adventuresome. Bryce will be 6 this weekend!! I'm glad we have a two-year-old in the house. I'll be sad when they're ALL grown :-( I keep looking at these pictures and telling myself "self, one day you'll look back and think all these hoodlums are so LITTLE in these pictures so soak it up now!"

Love you friend!

Diane said...

I love getting snippets into your adventures. Also love the amazing memories your kids are going to have. They've gotten so much life experience and adventure. More than a boring 8-3 school day could possibly bring them. Love love love it. Miss you!

Momma Bug said...

Precious Diane,
Thank you for the sweet words of encouragement. Loving you back!

Photo Momma said...

I showed my husband your photos. He is jealous of the adventures! said...

beautiful!! what wonderful pics and adventure and fun catching up!! every time I am in town I keep thinking I should stop by!! :-) hope our paths can cross again!!

Momma Bug said...

Oh Sherin! Will you please? I would love to get some hugs from YOU, my friend!