Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Cozy December Days

These days have seemed too good to be true.
We've had a lot of white outdoors this Holiday season, and yummy-smelling
candles every day. All the twinkly lights plugged in for all hours, and big
kids who can bake and make candy without any help! (Oie to loosing baby weight!)

Then there's our big little Lance Victory.

"Lance Factory" Aloria calls him as she searches her memory for his middle name :-)

Cousin Judah said that Lance should be a Knight when he grows up "because he has a
good name for a Knight" and I definitely agree.  I hope he will be - a champion for
righteousness and defender of the weak. Chivalrous and stout of heart, in service
of the King of Kings.

For now he is a sleepy little ball of fuzz :-)

Would you like a little peek inside the walls of our home these days?

The big guys are building a loft into an existing shed, which will be used for storing seasonal tires, yard tools, scrap wood for woodshop use etc,

There is a special spot in my heart for each of these hooligans.
Every one of them is unique and uniquely fitted into our family - and Oh!
How this family benefits from the personality, gifts,
humor, energy, and graces
each one brings into it.

We're resting again, in a gentle season of Winter and celebrations.
All I can say is Thanks Lord.

We have too many blessings to count!

Hugs to all~

Merry Christmas!


Courtney said...

Oh I am missing you so, sweet friend! Your newest little addition is darling!

Momma Bug said...

Oh Courtney Jean! The funnest box arrived in the mail yesterday and made me laugh and smile 'till my cheeks hurt! Thank you so much, for thinking of us and for loving me. I hope Jesus comes soon and we have days without end to pajama party with ice cream and puzzles :-)
Love you~

Marie said...

Your little family is simply adorable!!! And the newest addition....well, he's just perfect! Merry Christmas to you all !!!

Momma Bug said...

Marie! I'm always so delighted to see you've come to visit. Thank you!
Merry Christmas to your growing clan as well :-)


PUPPPsMom said...

Lance Factory. :) oh, that girl!! Thanks for all the lovely pics. It looks just as perfect as earthy life gets there. Love you, friend.

Momma Bug said...

Jana, It's pretty nice but it still lacks completeness... something about Heaven that can never be attained here. If you were here for a heart-to-heart and something hot to sip covered in whip cream? Now that would be one step closer to the perfect goodness I'm missing! :-)
Love you back~

PUPPPsMom said...

I definitely want a rain check for that heart-to-heart, whipped-sipping, almost perfection visiting!!

Sally said...

Love seeing the pix of each beloved face...makes my heart beat with longing to hold each one in my arms again and kiss those sweet faces. Heartfulls of love to you today!