Thursday, February 11, 2016


Today he is just past two months old.

I'm so glad! And also I sorrow that I cannot pause time. This - this picture taking - it's
as close as I can get to holding a moment longer than it actually lasts.

Words are not my outlet in these last few years. I have thoughts, but they don't seem
to allow for mining.  At least not in this venue.

That's okay. I have pictures to tell some of the story.  Maybe one of these months I can sit
down with a cup of coffee instead of heavy eyelids, and caffeine will have something
interesting to tell you :-)

I will say that Winter has been gentle. Lance Victory sleeps in my arms peacefully,
which I didn't get to experience with my last tiny person. It is a balm, and I've been
gifted the success of slowing down enough to soak it up.

This guy... he is amazing.

Who would have thought of what God had planned? I still can't wrap my mind
around ten children. Ten. Wha...?
And still, here is this little fella - he is numbered ten in the birth order, but do you
know he was planned by God's heart right along with the first one?
This was his  appointed time, and I really can't wait to watch who he is.
What he's going to do. To be a part of his life feels like a privilege, and yes.
I'm certain it is!

Since my heart is full, but my words run dry, I'd like to post a bunch of pictures
with my Grandma in mind, and AJ's Grandma and Grandpa too. Wow. What an honor to
participate in such a legacy by passing on Grandpa's name to our five sons.

And I feel this way about each one of my children, privileged to have them.
Privileged to know them. They are some pretty neat people :-)

Perhaps a brief explanation of a couple of
these pictures.

Bryce has been disassembling some of his toys
and collecting bits of trash in order to create these awesome little robots!

Grampa has brought his guitar over a few times, and there have been eager
dancers and singers (who knew?).  Also, Grama somehow finds dresses that would make
Cinderella jealous of my girlies, and paired with a hoop skirt... pure dreaminess.

Life is good. Full of books, kisses, and sleeping babies.

Doesn't get much better than this :-)


Courtney said...

Oh dear friend, I can't believe how big your children are getting. So many of these pictures are squeal worthy!
Love you!

Momma Bug said...

Courtney Jean!

I want all the news! All of it, do you hear?!
I miss you muchly. Thanks for letting me "hear" your voice.

Love you

Cinnamon said...

Analene~ It's pure bliss stopping by to peek in and sit with you as these moments linger. What a joy, and YES a privilege. So much joy in the now. #10.....Rosie was our #10 and for the last few babies I thought "this was it" but God does have His plans to let unfold before our eyes and fill our hearts till they burst with love. Rejoicing and cherishing the moments right along with you.

Hugs~ Cinnamon

SarahS said...

Precious moments <3 Beautiful pictures, my friend.

Tia Shires said...

Beautiful! I so love watching your precious family grow and live. Thank you for sharing your tender and magnificent blessings.

bgsesr said...

So many beautiful pictures. Better than words. Just love those gummy baby smiles.

bgsesr said...

Love, Jenny

C'est l'abeille said...

I can't begin to tell you how, every time I see these photos of your (TEN!) beautiful children, it takes me back to the days of seeing you and your siblings. Wow, what a resemblance, and wow, how you favor your mother and her graciousness. Her attitude was always such a balm to my soul!

Rebekah W. said...

Hello are you all ok? I have missed seeing your blog and the kids! I would love to hear from you ....Rebekah

Me Maw said...

Loved following your family! Do you think you will ever return?