Wednesday, September 8, 2010

An Uninvited Guest

There was a visitor here last night.

He must have been hungry.

How do I know this?

Why, first he overturned our garbage bin - you know,
the one we cover with a heavy old blue door to keep the critters out?

 Well if that door kept him out,
he wasn't a bit concerned because he then proceeded to tear off the end.

Apparently he got what he was after.

Doesn't it look like a feast?

Everyone loves a little rancid Whole Wheat Flour and some Egg shells! (right?)
A banana peel?

Just sink your teeth into this meat tray.  Mmmmm........

After nosing through the trash, he chose the most promising bag and hauled it into the woods.

Right in the Bugletts fort-building area.

What did he do next?
Why he sat himself right down on a log and enjoyed the Mustard of course!

After leaving his mess, he headed out toward the garden and tipped us with a generous gift.

And left his signature on the way out.

It's a good reminder to sing loudly on the way to the outhouse at night.
You never know when company is going to drop in!

*(This is a true story of the visiting Black Bear {I presume}who sill surely be back 
until and unless we secure our trash in a truly critter proof location.
I'm all for that!)

5 comments: said...

we had one of those a couple of years ago. my husband knew right away it was a female. i asked him how and he said "easy!! it drug the chocolate syrup bottle the furthest" lol. Once it came it NEVER quit, several times a day in light. Had to shoot it to keep the kiddos safe. Turned out to be a "relocated" bear - arugh!!
Lovely blog and adorable header!! Your blog rocks :-)

Momma Bug said...

Hahaha! That is great!
You know, there is a Grizzly release area just up the road... I keep thinking to myself that a lil' ol' Black Bear is nothin'! I'd rather him than a Grizzly. Yesiree!
It's a pleasure to meet you:-)

Grace McHugh said...

Laughing and scared at the same time is how I am feeling. I just hate bears!! I was looking at the pictures and reading I was thinking "gee I hope she found tracks and scat." tee hee Great photography Analene!

The Zimmerman Family said...

Wow! Glad we haven't had to deal with that on our little Alaskan homestead! Our dumpster is an open one, and we've never had any problems! Those bears just move right on through this area without stopping, it seems! : )

SarahS said...

Wow! "Our" bear ate a chicken a couple weeks ago. Pulled the outside off the nestboxes and ate. one. little. chicken. Whatever. I'm grateful he wasn't more persistent. He's more interested in destroying all the plum trees-the italian plums of course, my fav for munching (hey! those are MY plums! *sigh*) Glad for you it's not a Grizzly! :)