Friday, October 1, 2010

Some Birthdays

First there was my itty-bittiest: Bryce - 1 year old on September 20!
You may remember that he shares that date with our anniversary, so it was a delightful day of remembrances and celebration.

He was not bashful about ripping the wrapping!  Obviously all boy:-)

Then there was my sweet Susanna - 6 years old on September 27!
I am still tickled that she got to keep her own date, and she is delighted to share her birth-month with little brother and Dad.  Susie made the most of her day too, while I packed like crazy for our trip to New England.
I made her birthday dinner the night before, and Auntie Hannah fed us a wonderful dinner on Sue's birthday so I could focus on preparing 8 people to leave for a month.

Happy Birthday Children O' mine!!!
I love you:-)


J said...

Can't believe he's one. What a cutie pie, wish I could have hugged him when you were here. So many changes in the first year but also seems just like he was born!

Photo Momma said...

Love those balloon photos!!! :)Enjoy your vacation.

Diane said...

Hard to believe Bryce is one year already! Love the pic with the girls and balloons with the sunrays shining from behind!

Jana said...

Happy Birthday Bryce & Sue!

SarahS said...

I LOVE the first balloon picture :)