Sunday, September 20, 2009

How We Spent Our 12th Anniversary (and loved every minute of it !)

Welcoming the latest addition, our precious...

Bryce Endurance!

Happy Birthday little buddy!
Happy Anniversary dearest husband!

Our littlest Bug was born at 4:04am this morning; at home; attended by Daddy as able midwife, and two dear, precious friends - the hands that served us as Christ would have done if He were there in the flesh.

I don't know how much he weighs yet, or how long he is. We don't have a scale handy, but we're betting he's around 8 lbs. 4 ounces.

Here are some other things we noticed:

He sleeps.

He has only pried his eyes open a couple times today.

He is rolly polly,


loaded with dark hair,



and perfect in every way.

That's enough for us!

The children slept through it all and baby brother Bryce was cozied up beside me when they awoke this morning.
They were in and out of the room all day to get acquainted.

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Faith Alterton said...

He's beautiful Analene! Congratulations to you all!

Uncle and Auntie Hightower <>< said...

Glad to see what you look like little man!
Lord bless you all as you enjoy this beautiful time!

Xenia Kathryn said...

Congrats, Analene and family! He's absolutely beautiful, handsome, stunning, pudgy! Love it! I'm so glad everything went well!

God bless you and your hubby, your 3 boys and your 3 girls :D

Sarah said...

Bryce is gorgeous!!! Congrats on the new arrival and Happy Anniversary too. Very, very Happy Anniversary.

Jess said...

Oh WOW!! He is ADORABLE!! Well done! God Bless you and your precious family. I'm doing a little happy dance for you right now!

Diane said...

I am so so so excited for you! What a blessing from above. He is perfect Analene. SO perfect. Beautiful in everyway. I can't wait to meet Bryce in person.

Love you and will hopefully talk to ya soon!

Diane said...

Oh and I forgot to mention that you look beautiful, glowing and amazing. I am sure every woman wishes she could look that good after giving birth!

SarahJane said...

Wow!!! Soooo thrilled for you guys! Boys are sure fun, and you were due to have one :) Great name, too (but you know that we are partial to those "B" names :)
Looks like a sweetie. Love the pictures!

Holly Days Closet said...

How wonderful for you I'm so happy for you, your new one is just as beautiful as the rest of your clan. You are truly blessed.

Mommy Reg said...

What a great no wait um... AWESOME anniversary present! I am so super seriously excited for you guys. He is rolly polly and way too cute! Love you friend!

betty said...

So sweet and cute!!! Congratulations Analene!!! You are a beautiful family!!! BICOS (Galician Kisses)

Shauna said...

Welcome Bryce Endurance! I'm so happy you're here!

Charlie said...

Wow!!! Congratulations!!!
He looks great! I think it is already time for a hair cut. Auntie Hannah is ready to give him a trim.

We miss you all so much, wish we could be there now.
Love, Char and family

Josh said...

you guys are awesome! so cool to see your new one join your family. praise God everything went well. congrats to you all!

Nurturing Beginnings said...

Blessings and congratulations! Job well done, and happy anniversary! I love the pictures - you're family is beautiful and your quiver is full (or at least very well on its way).

J said...

WHOOOHEEEEEEEEE!!!!! What a handsome little guy he is, I LOVE the family photos! His hair is fabulous and you look glowing! 3 and 3, how great is that?? This will be the best anniversary you can remember!!!

Welcome little Bryce and we love you all!

petersonclan said...

He is beautiful... And Endurance is such a perfect name for the past couple week's wait. And I guess he is bigger than 8lb. 4 oz. he has lots of baby fat already!

Carri (for the petersonclan)

Katie said...

Congratulations!! How exciting to see your family grow by one more!!What a great way to celebrate your anniversary! We are so excited for you! The kids loved seeing the pictures and I would say he look more than 8lbs and 4 oz. He is one rolly polly guy!

pam said...

How wonderful. I love babys being born at home. I love it when daddys deliver their little ones. I love the excitement the siblings have when they come into our bedroom and see "what God gave us" in the night. I love the way God meant it all to bind the wife and husband together, more in love than ever. Mostly, I love being able to keep God's presence in our quiet bedroom as He ministers his words to us during the awesome birth, my husband reading Scripture, holding me and praying for me. Nothing like it.God bless you, and that healthy little chunk!

Grace McHugh said...

That HAIR!!! His ROLLS!!! Tears of joy for my friend. What an anniversary gift. I come from a family of three and three and it is a wonderful thing. I cannot wait to hold that chubby, pink, cuddly bundle. :) Much love to you all.

gramsie said...

...Overwhelmed with joy!!!!!!!!! Just can't wait to meet him in person.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you all! He is such a handsome young man! :)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! What a handsome little man! We are so excited for you and all that God will do with this new blessing to your family. What an amazing anniversary present! God is so good. :-)

With love and blessings,

Your sis-in-law, Hannah's cousin Claire and Family :-)

Lady Jess said...

Woohoo! Congra2lations! What a great little guy! Brand new baby bug! Welcome to the world little one, you've got one great family. You are certainly blessed, sweetie!

Momma Bug said...

Charlie, it is true that I'm not used to seeing one of my boys with a mop of hair like Bryce has, but I'd like to keep it a bit longer-thank-you-very-much! That first haircut will come soon enough:-)

Momma Bear!! How wonderful to meet you! Char and Hannah tell me you have a dear and lovely family and I can't wait to meet you in person:-)

Love to you as well,
Analene (Momma Bug :-))

princessmama said...

Bryce is gorgeous!!!! What a cute little chunk :D

You are amazing to have pictures up already Analene! :P

Love you guys so much. Congratulations :)

Christabelle said...

Congrats! He is absolutely precious.

beansntatersmama said...

Congradulations! You help give me faith with my three and wanting to have another. You are blessed. Enjoy every minute.

Photo Momma said...

Blessings upon you, your family, and this precious little one. I cried as I looked through your pictures (pregnancy hormones or just awe at the Lord's handiwork?)... I am totally impressed that you managed to upload pictures already! It takes me days... Love the pictures of the whole family.

2homeschool said...

Wonderful, wonderful, WONDER FULL!!!

I love the pictures!

You sounded soooooo good when I talked to you! I hope your doing just as well.

Kiss Mr. Bryce for me,

Love Auntie ~Heather

Ps. I had a friend pass this on to me. Thought you might like it too. :-)

Lauren said...

Awwwww! Congratulations! He's just absolutely precious and adorable! Our second boy is due in just about 6 weeks - just before his older brother's 1st birthday! Your pictures make me even more excited about his arrival! : )

Shelly said...

Blessings to your sweet family and congratulations on the birth of your latest blessing. What a beautiful chunk he is!! You look absolutely wonderful in all the pics. Please share your birth story with all of us home birth wanna be's ;o)
I love reading your blog--don't even remember how I found it. Please know that your love for the Lord and your family is such an inspiration to many. Thank you for sharing a little bit of your life with us.
Blessings to you and may a special anointing rest heavy on your family.

Kim said...

He is gorgeous. Love that name!

Anonymous said...

It's great to finally meet you as well! We are hopeful someday-Idaho-dwellers ourselves and it is encouraging to know that like-minded faithful Christian families like yours are already there. It would indeed be lovely to meet in person! With mutual family, that shouldn't be to difficult :-)

momofbugs said...

Congrats! So happy to hear that you have another healthy little baby in your arms. He is beautiful and I love his hair.

Kendra said...

Hi to all the Love Bugs,

We praise the Lord for Bryce Endurance. May God continue to richly bless your growing family.

See you Friday with a meal and a smile:)

Love ~ The Helgebuggies :)