Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Soaring with the Snowflakes!

 I took this opportunity to snap a few pictures of my Bugletts in the wintry white.  
We've only had a couple light snows so far, and not when we could go out and play in it.  
Lately it's warmed up enough to melt off,
so we're glad we took a few minutes on this day to soar in the drifting flakes 
and to examine their beauty close up!



 Here I am.  Baby is now 24 weeks along.  
In so many ways pregnancy sails by in the business of living, but it also seems like March 
is a very long way away! Thanks to the Lord, I have had another non-eventful pregnancy
that's been as easy as pregnancy ever is :-)  I feel very blessed and content - eager to actually
hold this one, but content until then.

We're enjoying the beginning of holiday seasons~
I hope your homes is full of light and life too!


Cinnamon said...

What a beautiful snowy blog you have my sweet pregnant friend.

YOU look wonderful!

All the kids look like they are enjoying the snow. What kid wouldn't?!

So glad you are feeling well. Maybe you can just hibernate for the winter and then in the spring the baby will come ;-) haha!

miss you~ Cinnamon

Jana said...

Awe look at all that snow! I hear more is on the way. :) Amazing picture of the snowflake!

SarahS said...

Sally said...

Great pix, Ana! I loved the photos of all the kiddos & you the best, but that snowflake was really wonderful! Never have seen one that actually looks like that except in photos in books. Loving you!--m

Pam... said...

Hey beautiful. Just peeking in. I love the belly. Praise the Lord. How awesome is He?

Diane said...

I was thinking the same thing as Sally said about the snowflake. What an awesome pic! You look wonderful, as always. Love you!

Momma Bug said...

Pam! I think of You often! I hope you are cozying in with the troops and that fella you love :-)
I miss you~


Marie said...

Ahhh....the pics are beautiful!!! Hopin' we'll have some snow here in NC. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family !!!

JMB Ranch said...

You look radiant! The snow is so soothing. I love it. You bugletts are growning so fast. I love the picture with the perfect snowflake. That is so cool.
Glad you are doing well. Enjoy the season and March will be here before you know it.


Lauren Z in Alaska said...

Oh, it's been so long since I've visited your blog. : ) And I've pretty much abandoned my blog. Facebook is just the easiest way for me to keep up nowadays. :D

We're expecting too! Boy #4, we just found out. :D 21 weeks along now!

Up here in Alaska, we've had high winds, earthquakes, and negative temperatures ... but still no snow. A white Christmas sure would be nice! : )

Glad to see everyone doing well. many blessings!

Momma Bug said...

Lauren! Congratulations and I'm so glad to hear from you! Makes me wish I facebooked :-)
God's hand of favor is upon me heavily, and I'm thankful to hear that life is precious and sweet for you these days as well.
Please keep me posted on your latest edition :-)


The Munck Family said...

Congratulations on new baby, and March will be here before you know it. You look wonderful!

I hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas~