Saturday, December 8, 2012

Thanking Him for Family in Lands-Afar

We drove to California through Thanksgiving to see and enjoy
our precious family gathered together there.
First stop was Grama and Grampa's home in the country.  It is a bit surreal to see my
brothers and sisters grown into such neat men and women, and now the addition of
spouses and children make a mesmerizing dynamic.  If I didn't have so much to talk
about with them all, I'd be happy to sit and a corner and do nothing but watch.
Pure entertainment!
Both my grandmothers came out so we could give and collect hugs in person.

There was a day spent with Gramsie and Pops which included an afternoon date
for my man and me alone on the town.

And after the short Chico diversion, we hoofed it to Santa Cruz to see AJ's
Grandparents.  An abundance of memories in Lemonade, Raspberry jam,
flowers that bloom year-round, Pool gaming in the basement, and cards and
dominoes late into the night.

Last was a too-short visit with my sister Molly and her Nick.  Uncle Nick even ferried
our Christmas tree from the Costco parking lot for us! Why did we get a Christmas tree from
a store in California, you ask? 
That for a later post.

Oh those babies of Molly's!
Kiss kiss KISSES for those round cherubic cheeks!

It was a whirlwind that we're still trying to recover from, but worth the new set of
memories acquired.  Not nearly enough pictures, but we lived fully in the fun.
We love you family o' ours!


Anonymous said...

Iloved seeing all your pictures. Looks like you all did have a wonderful time with family!I had been missing your blog,glad your back on!

Jess said...

Lovely! Beautiful bump you have there too :)

Momma Bug said...

Awe... you are too kind!

Thanks Jess, for giving me a shove to upload all these pictures. Sometimes I have a picture-heavy post that gets in the way of other blogging I want to do. Now we commence!

Cinnamon said...

What a grand time. I love all the family pictures and the wee ones peeking out the window. Soo cute!

A tree from CA when you have a forest at home? Ya' got me wonderin' for sure :-)

You look radiant. You barely look pregnant. How are you feeling? Did ya ever get some vitamins?

I think we're due for a phone visit :-)

loved the update~


Diane said...

Love love love all the pics and updates. So glad you got good visits in with family. I sure miss you! Will touch base soon. ;)

Jana said...

Ahhhh, that fulfilled my Analene craving...for now, at least! :) So good to see y'all.