Wednesday, February 20, 2013


That is me.
I am the one cherished.

My beloved built this beautiful bed for me.
We've always had very comfortable beds, but never a headboard and foot board.

I showed my man a picture of roughly what I had in mind, and he undertook
to create it.  I am so thrilled!

Meanwhile this nesting urge made me buy fabrics, hack into them, and begin
sewing like mad to complete this quilt just in time to christen the new bed.

Now when I walk into the room,
when I climb into bed,
when I pull up the down comforter and quilt...
I think only one thing.

I am cherished.

I know I am loved.


Anonymous said...

It is beautiful!!!! The bed and the quilt , I love it! Hope you all are doing well and feeling fine!Anxious to meet the new little blessing,how much longer?

Cinnamon said...

Oh Analene, that is just precious.

The bed - the fact that AJ built it just for *you* what a treasured gift ♥

And you were busy sewing, sewing, sewing. I can only wonder how in the world you squeezed time into your busy life to complete this masterpiece. It is so lovely and looks so wonderfully cozy.

Now sit and won't be long now.

hugs~ Cinnamon

Jess said...


Sally said...

I love it, Analene! Great job on the bed and the quilt! Where is the baby bed to go on the side??? xox

Jana said...

Love love love. They look so nice together!!!