Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nested and Waiting

Can't remember if I shared a picture of this quilt I made for Baby.

It's been ready and waiting for the past few months, and its colorful rainbow
stripes make me smile and think of this special little person when I look at it.

Life gets a little more hectic with each addition which is why it feels important
for me to acknowledge each precious new life.  There is not the same kind of
waiting for an eighth child as there is for a first.
Not that an eighth baby is less appreciated, just more eclipsed by daily life.
In fact, I'd say there's greater expectancy and eager anticipation in our household
because of the excitement generated by 7 big brothers and sisters!

Anyway, this bunny is the softest, most floppy and wonderful stuffed animal
I remember ever meeting!  It was my sole purchase on recent introduction to
a local Anthropology store (I'm hooked!).
Adding a bow and perching him on top of the colorful pile completed my
New Baby stash with panache :-)

Baby, I hope you know how much I love you!

I'd say the sewing projects have come to a rest.  I've still been chipping away
at some art projects I started a while back, and am continuing to make our
bedroom a comfortable retreat.  Fluffing feathers here and there, you know.

Here is a smattering of the things I've completed for my own babe as
well as a few for his or her newly arrived friends.

It must be winter. Ha!  Look at all the COLOR!

I want to thank the Lord for the sweetness of sleep.  I don't remember the last time in 12 years
that I was getting over 8 hours of sleep every night, and that's what I'm getting right now.
I really thought it would be short-lived and that I was due at least a few weeks of being miserable
at night with grinding joints and the endless rolling-over process, not to mention regular
midnight treks to the bathroom.
Not so.

I'd like to credit the sporadic efforts at my T-Tapp workout in the last 8 months on and
off for lack of discomfort in certain regions, and I'd like to credit my easy temper
and lack of basket-case-ness to the increased sleep, but...

The truth is, I have no idea why I'm being blessed with such a peaceful, calm pregnancy.

All I can say is wow.  Thank you again Lord!  It is You and only You that covers me with
your hand of favor and sweet blessing!  
Glory is His alone.

Today I'm 39 weeks.
I have everything I need for this new baby, including some frivolous items I'm sure we
don't need but are fun to have :-)  There is a good little snow storm blowing in fresh
white drifts tonight, and with a pantry and fridge well stocked I feel ready to hunker
down and dream of soon.
Baby-Coming soon.
It may be another week or two; it could be tonight.  I'm content.  Ready.  Eager.

Wanting Oh-so-much to be holding this baby in my arms instead of the pod-like
compartment which is fast running out of space.

Soon would be fine with me :-)


Morgan said...

I wish I could be a little fly on the wall watching you in action as you mother your sweet children. I SO admire you! I can't wait to see your newest sweet little babe!

Jen said...

My baby is due in five weeks, our sixth, and the older kids are so excited!
I was wondering if you had any links for the pattern you used for the pants? This will be our sixth boy and I would love to have something handmade for him.
Oh and how do you make the blankets?

Sally said...

What wonderful sewn items, Ana! I know excitement for the new babe is at fever pitch! Miss O-Bug lamented to me she just didn't understand why Mrs.S and Auntie H got theirs first...it just didn't seem fair! :o)
Praying for you...

Shauna said...

Dearest 'Lene, I hope it is SOON for your sake. I can say with assurance that there is NOTHING quite so preciously addictive as holding that sweet new babe in one's arms. I pray the welcoming of your babe will be as peaceful as the waiting has been.
How do you accomplish all that sewing?! I am amazed by you. Simply adorable and well done, my friend. I, like you seem to turn to color when the world is white outside, love it!
Love you, Me

Jana said...

There are so many beautiful things (people and projects) awaiting that little one upon their grand entry into this world!

momofbugs said...

My plan today is to finish my baby's blanket. I thought it was possible last night that I would be greeting my baby but everything settled back down. I am ready and eager to have my baby in my arms as well. I will be praying for God's perfect timing for you too. Looking forward to your announcement!

Momma Bug said...

Jen, Congratulations to you as well!
The pattern I used for those sweet little pants is Anna Maria Horner's Quick Change Trouser pattern.
I bought her book (used on Amazon it was less than 15 dollars I think, and has a lot of fun patterns and tutorials in it) and the patterns are in the back.
I LOVED this pattern - first time I've used it - it's super easy for a gal like me who doesn't sew more than a straight stitch! It is also reversible, which makes it fun to choose extra fabrics, and also finishes all the seams nicely.

The blankets... hmm. For a simple pattern, I take about a yard of one fabric (I like to use flannels because of how soft they are and because they stick to my clothes a bit when I use them for nursing covers)and and the same amount of a second fabric less 2 inches on all sides.
Lay one fabric flat with the smaller piece on top (wrong sides together).
Center smaller piece on larger.
Working around the edges, fold the larger piece over the smaller piece and pin as you go.
You can machine stitch the edge down, or hand sew with a blind stitch.
I often finish by "quilting" the two pieces together (either by hand or machine) to keep them from sliding around in the wash.

Here's my "boy" blankie - don't know if you can see the hand quilting I just stitched a bit around a few of the scenes in the fabric. http://usloves.blogspot.com/2011/03/boy-blankie-check.html

I hope this is helpful, but boy!
Haha! Now you know why I don't write tutorials!

Momma Bug said...

Morgan, you flatter me, but I am a regular mom with regular children. Mothering them has been both a privilege and a mystery. I am most aware of God's grace because I am in desperate need of it so often. Truly.
Thank you though. I am a blessed woman :-)

Shauna~ Your encouragement is timely and much appreciated. It doesn't matter how many times... I love all the good reminders of that "other side" part being worth everything! I wish you were here to share babies with.

Momofbugs, I occasionally check your blog to see how you're doing, and have enjoyed your baby updates!
I'm so sorry this pregnancy has had it's pains - I bet you're ready to be done with that part!
Rest well friend. I look forward to hearing that you are on the other dies as well!

Gwenda said...

Hello...have you ever read the blog: nurseryofthenation.com ? Bambie just did a series of posts that would just HAVE to be encouraging to you!

Momma Bug said...

Gwenda, Thank you for visiting, and thanks for sharing that link. I was blessed!

Diane said...

Love you friend. Can't wait to hear of baby's arrival. It was wonderful hearing your voice last week. ;)

SarahS said...

Love, love, love!! the rainbow blanket ♥ My heart is full for you. Love you heaps!

The Munck Family said...

First off I say, you are in my daily prayers you, baby, delivery, health, and adjustments after the arrival of your precious bundle!

LOVED all blankets, the colors are so cheery! The other sewn items, oh so cute! Your so talented, what a gift that is...as with your lovely cards!

Hope your all cozy and warm enjoying your time of waiting.

Cynthia Gentile said...

Can't wait to hear about your newest blessing! Praying for you

grace said...

Your blankets are divine! I'm going to hire you to make one when we have another☺

Photo Momma said...

Absolutely LOVE that rainbow quilt! It is beautiful :) I have been doing some preparing of my own, though I am only 30 weeks...

Momma Bug said...

Thanks Laura! Thanks Sarah, Grace, Rebekah and gals!

I have had such fun sewing all these colorful things ~ Grace, let me know when that next baby is coming and I'll find some time to make something special ;-)

Maybe I've satiated my sewing itch for a while. I hope so, because I doubt I'll be having much time for that in this next season! :-D

You all are such great friends.
Thank you.