Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sleeping like a Baby

These guys really know how to spend a weekend!


Kendra Zickafoose said...

That nap looks AWESOME! People keep telling me that I am going to be exhausted when this new baby finally decides to come (17 more days, give or take, but who's counting?)... but I keep thinking... I can't wait! I can't wait to be able to shut the outside world, well, out. Just for a few weeks, while we welcome and get to know our new brother. Staying home and napping like your boys? I am so looking forward to it!

Cinnamon said...

What a precious picture! Where was the rest of the crew? I'm sure even if they were running around like Indians these two would still be sound asleep right? haha! We get use to the noise levels ;-)

Loving the pictures. Praying for some REST for you sweet Momma ♥

hugs~ Cinnamon
p.s. I so enjoyed the flow of love in your last post.

Sally said...

Soooooo Sweet. Love to you today! Hugs!!!--m