Monday, April 29, 2013

Terrific Two!

Aloria turned 2 this week.
She was sick on her birthday, so I postponed celebrations until the weekend
when everyone felt a little better, dad could be home, and she could eat cake
which was the thing she was looking forward to most!

Her day started full of balloons and a table full of love gifted to her from all her
adoring fans.  Being two, she isn't well versed in the tradition of looking for the next
present to open.
She was happy as a clam to receive her bucket from Olivia and play with that
for a while.  Then she was given some stickers by sister Susanna and methodically
applied every one of them to a piece of paper before moving on to breakfast :-)

(Miles attends the party in a jammie that Bryce picked out for him

Much of the day was spent barefoot outside since the sun was so warm and
inviting.  It was precious to watch Aloria with her big brothers and sisters.
You can see that Olivia's dollar store bucket was prized :-)

Something really special that our birthday girl received, was a bunch of wooden
people that her brothers cut out, dad assembled, and sisters painted.
Daddy worked on a doll house for them that day though it was clear they could be
played with even without the proper housing.

Bryce gifted Lori with some "Twisty" straws.

When asked what she wanted for her birthday dinner, the excited garbles were
not easy to make out - except the last squeaky "Cake!"  which was as clear as
day.  There was something else about a candle, so that was the priority.
Cake complete with candle.

She wouldn't stand on her chair for a picture.
She wasn't into blowing out the candle.
So we left the candle burning and cut in.

It was a good party for a 'Lor, and she certainly made the most of it!
Eating cake though?
That was a great way to end a birthday celebration :-)

Happy Birthday darling daughter Aloria Mercy!

You are dearly loved by many.


Kendra Zickafoose said...

We used to do big, crazy birthdays, but now stick with simple, special, family affairs. SO MUCH BETTER! Your girl looks so loved and happy. And those wooden people are amazing! You could have a wooden people making family business. You know, in your spare time....:)

Momma Bug said...

Haha! Thanks Kendra, I'll tell the kids you said so :-)

It would appear that we have enough family to constitute a party without sending out invitations, but when we're near family we include cousins and aunts and uncles too!
We kind of "go all-out" with celebrating, which is something we decided to do before children ever entered our world. We decided to go softly on Christmas hoopla so we could really celebrate the birth of Jesus. I never guessed we'd be celebrating births so many times a year!
I'm pretty sure that's a good thing :-D

Jana said...

Gulp! I miss all those people in your pictures! Such a sweet celebration for that little life. It cracks me up that she did not want to stand or blow out the candle. How very "2."

I love how the doll house people turned out! I can see everyone's handiwork quite well. Good job all!

Diane said...

Aloria's birthday always holds a special place in my heart, as I got your phone call announcing her birth just hours after I got the phone call that my uncle had passed away. It really a beautiful metaphor of life. God gives and takes away. Life is precious.
Happy Birthday beautiful Lori Bug!