Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First Things...

We had some special visitors up at our place over the last week
and I need to recount adventures and share pictures of all the good times had.
However, first things first.

My Grandma sent the most perfect gift our way!

You know, blog-watching is a pretty special thing for grandma's to do.
They didn't grow up with the technology we use every day, and for
those talented women who were once adept at shorthand or typing, and who
have beautiful penmanship and can communicate without spell-check...
navigating the world of computers is a true labor of love.

And this grandma, she paid attention.
We were once without a cherry pitter, but no more!  We are now proud owners :-)
And Grandma, you thought it might be past cherry picking season
and you were correct, but we bought a couple pounds at the store
just as soon as we could.
Here we are trying out our fancy-dancy new pitter and I promise to think of
you every year when the cherries are in season!

Thank you~

We love you Great Grandma!!!

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Jana said...

And look at Miss Olivia's pretty hair!