Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Picking Cherries

You know what's really fun lately?

I have pickers!

I've always had toddlers and babies to wrangle, and if you
don't already know from your own experience, you can probably
guess just how much picking can be accomplished while herding
short people and carrying a baby!!

This summer however, four big'uns went out and brought back
Huckleberries enough to fill 4 gallon bags for the freezer!

The most recent novel adventure was a Cherry picking venture.

We were at our local one-stop country store/diner/post office sipping
milk shakes, when my children spied some trees ripe with cherries out back.

Permission was generously granted, so we packed a picnic dinner,
some cans, a ladder, and some lawn chairs (I pick vicariously from a lawn
chair these days!) and set to!

What a beautiful setting it was!
I just soaked in the warm twilight rays, the greenness - even for the midst of summer -
batted at mosquitoes and couldn't help but be mesmerized watching these wonderful
children that call me theirs.

Zack had  high hopes of picking several five gallon buckets full, but we don't have a
great way to pit cherries for freezing so they needed to be eaten fresh (oh drat).

They picked quite a lot, Aloria picked some up off the ground,
and I was handed a few fistfuls to taste-test...
Some were rather wormy.  You know what they say about that, right?

There's only one thing worse than finding a worm in a Cherry...

Finding half a worm.

I was veeeeerrry careful to look for worms.
And if I didn't look - I popped that cherry right in so I'd never be in danger
of finding even half a worm. :-)

Mmmm... they were so summer-good!  Maybe cherry picking is a new tradition.

Perhaps next year we'll buy a pitter :-)


Kendra Zickafoose said...

I LOVE summer adventures! Especially free ones :). Thanks for sharing yours!

Jaclyn Hicks said...

This is the sweetest thing ever!!

Sally said...

Loved all the pix. . .Can almost taste those cherries! Wonderful, An!

Mommy Reg said...

So fun! Love your adventures. :)

Photo Momma said...

Mmmmm! I LOVE huckleberries, especially huckleberry pie! And isn't it nice when the kids are old enough to help take pictures? :) Looks like you are having a wonderful summer...

Marcy said...

Looks like fun summer memories. Your pictures are so pretty!

Anonymous said...

That looked like soooo much fun. I don't think I have EVER tasted a huckleberry. I loved your pop it in before ever seeing a half a worm comment. I am the same way!
Your children are all so cute and what a blessing to have the help as well.

Momma Bug said...

Awe thanks Nikki, Marcy, girls!

It's been a full summer again - what a great problem to have, eh? Perhaps some more pictures coming before long, and thoughts of fall, hot drinks, warm fires and days filled with more book work and study consume.
Thanks Lord for the seasons!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay for summer fruit and unwashed handfuls of yumminess. Better just not to know what's in there. :-) Where did you find that thermos carrier? We are always having problems with water bottles spilling in the car or getting lost on hikes, etc.
Love your beautiful blog by the way! God bless you and your family.

Momma Bug said...

Hi "new friend"!

Thanks for visiting and taking some time to leave a note. Our "cup tote" as we fondly call it from days gone-by when it actually carried cups, is some kind of craft supply carrier. I can't remember if I bought it at Hobby Lobby or Wally world, but you can also find a similar item at home improvement stores (in which to carry tools).
I happen to love the version I have - it carries an awful lot of water bottles! I also like that it has sturdy handles and stands upright without flopping over.
I hope you find one that works for your family :-)

Bushels of blessings~

Rebekah said...

Your photos are delightful!