Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pomegranates on Parade

Gramsie-dear sent a box of round, rosy-hued Pomegranates
from a tree in her back yard in California!

~Such a special treat and welcome taste of familiarity from our native lands.

Weather permitting, I do not allow Pomegranate eating inside the house :-)
Thankfully the weather was glorious today and I was without excuse for throwing on
EVERYONE'S fleeces and shoes.

Once they were all together and preoccupied, how could I not take along my
camera to document the picking of succulent red seeds?

Sometimes learning a new skill (like how to actually eat those seeds)
takes some concentration.

My fearless tree-climber claims this particular model of boot (a different one than we usually buy)
didn't "hold up" as well.    I can't help but raise only one eyebrow at that when my imagination is so
well trained. Haha :-D

This is a boy we're talking about here.

As you can see, it's a very smart move to take family photos when everyone is so happily
preoccupied!  You may feel free to borrow from my awesome ingenuity :-)

Even little brother joined the fun - only, no one offered to share their fruit .

He was forced to nibble on leaves and dirt.

Miss Carolina was just a bit of a Ham today.
That's somewhat unusual for her and I thought she was pretty fun!

I would say this face right here is a great reason for why we don't eat these in the house.

And this isn't even particularly messy for my Olie-girl who has to experience everything with all
her senses (so wearing it on her skin is all part of the delight)!

Believe it or not, Aloria was walking BACKWARDS (!!!)

And believe it or not, she didn't stumble and land on her kiester (again, !!!)

More delicious leaves and sticks :-)

My amazing crew - the Great Eight!  They sure enjoyed all the fabulous Gramsie-sent stickiness.
A bucket of water went a long way in spiffing them right up :-)

Sweet sweet dreams will be had tonight.

Thanks Gramsie!


Marie said...

Love this post....such precious little faces!!! Sweet...sweet :)

Jana said...

Awe, that's pretty fun! What a treat! A pomegranate tree in her back yard...such luxury!

SarahS said...

Yum! What a nice treat :) Love all the sun-drenched photos of happy Loves!

Cinnamon said...

Aloria...oh my, she is so cute, even when she walks backwards ;-)

We love Pomegranates. John does not for the same reason you make them eat them outside....the stains! But I never mind messy hands or face from them as they are so fun to eat :-) And juicy! Don't forget juicy!

I am in awe over those beautiful TALL trees in the background. So lovely.

You have given me a great idea and I think I will borrow from your creative genius in taking a picture of everyone. My question is "do you think everyone will be able to hold they very own pumpkin?" haha!



Momma Bug said...

Can they chew on it? That would be interesting ;-)

Sally said...

Loved all the pix. . .glad the pomes were enjoyed by all. . .a bit of autumn love in a box from gramsie & pops.

celt said...

Ahhhh... The simple pleasures in life. I've bumped into your mom around town quite a bit lately, and saw Sally recently as well. : ) I can't believe how big those kiddos of yours are getting! Time sure does fly! And thanks for tip on where I can get pick some pomegranates around here ; )

Momma Bug said...

I'm pretty sure that if there's "pickin" to be had, there's a Grams who'd love a little visit ;-)

Momma Bug said...

P.S.... I'm coming through for a very fly-by visit in a couple weeks. If the weather is nice, it would be absolutely fabulous to have a park date so I could give and collect a hug in person!
Let's see... who else might like to come?

celt said...

That would be wonderful! I know your visits here are busy, so if a park day works out that would be great. I'm sure your "to see" list is not the shortest.

Momma Bug said...

Ok, I had a more sane idea, how about a girl-date and coffee. It seems more likely a visit could be had than if we were keeping an eye on five hundred hoodlums?
If there's a shred of time, I'll email ya (or feel free to email me)! Any girlfriends welcome :-)

Anonymous said...

I always love your happy posts. You make the ordinary look so much more fun. yOUR CHILDREN ARE BLESSED. Wish we lived nearer for a visit. When did your baby get so big? He is adorable!!

Momma Bug said...

Dear Nikki, You know how these babies - they just don't stop growing!

One of these days friend, a cup of tea and a nice friendly catching-up visit. Near or far I bet we can swing it!

Thank you for your thoughtful words, and {{{Hugs}}}


Heather said...

Great post! I just have a quick question about your blog! My name is Heather and if you could email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com that would be great!

Momma Bug said...

Dear Heather,
Perhaps you could give me a heads-up about your question? I don't mind emailing, but since I don't remember having met before and your comment looks like it could be spam...
How long have you been reading my blog? How did you come to be visiting and have you commented before?