Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Special Summer Visitors

This Summer we had particularly special guests to North Idaho.
Grama and Grampa (my parents) came for a visit!

Both Grama and Grampa made themselves instant favorites
and were game for any kind of play my hoodlums and their cousins
could think up.
I was a little afraid the ol' Grampa ride might break down!  Not so, apparently.
This Grampa is not one of those newfangled contraptions, but a properly built model.
On top of that, he didn't even need to be fed tokens!

What fun :-)

The cherry on top of this visit was the tag-along presence of my youngest brothers
and sister.  Uncle Daniel, Uncle Ben, and Auntie Mattie were 6, 5, and 4 years old
when AJ and I got married.
I wasn't a big part of their lives growing up and it is such joy getting to know them
as adults!  A little slice of Heaven.

There were hikes.

And tea parties.

Lots of stories and crafts.

Some music :-)

Oh that Auntie Mattie!  What can possibly be more fabulous than
an Auntie that plays Dress-Up with you?

Autie Mattie Grace~  You are the best!

Grama and Grampa~  What precious memories we made together this Summer!
Thank you for coming all this way, and I hope it inspired you to do it again (after your
batteries and sore parts have a chance to recharge that is).

We love you!


Cinnamon said...

Well that looks like it was a whole lotta fun! All those wonderful visitors all at once. And dress up parties with tea and books read. Now that is spoiling if I ever did see it ;-)

What a blessing. You little home in the woods is wonderful.


Tricia said...

What a great time! I love all the photos of your adventures. Thanks for sharing.