Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Truth Comes out

We sat at the table, the kids joking loudly while I fed Miles yogurt
and tried to snatch a few bites of my own meal.

Upon hearing something of questionable dinner-table content,
Zachary proceeded to correct one of his sisters.

Immediately I asked him, "Hey. Are you the mom?"

You're probably familiar with this line but if not, it's meant to remind the
bossy sibling that if mom is present than mom can take care of it.

Without skipping a beat he replied
"No, but I have an idea that I should be!"

All hope for serious reproof was lost with the irruption of laughter.

Myself included.

One of these days I may just give him the chance.  I wonder if the imaginations version
of being a mom is all it's cracked up to be?


Anonymous said...

Now that is too cute!

Marie said...

Haha! Sounds like something one of mine would say!!!....sometimes I wonder given the chance just how they would handle things? Probably not at all like they think they would....gotta love their imaginations :)

SarahS said...

Haha! For sure :D We just had one the other day in response to "Do YOU want to be the Dad?" Say "YES! I do!" Well. We might just have to try that one of these days.

Diane said...

Ha! My friend over heard her eight year old twins discussing "I wonder what it's like to be a parent?" Some fun dialogue followed. ;)
Glad you can roll with the laughter as you embrace life with your love bugs.

Miss you!