Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bits for Memories

The purpose in our travels Southward in route to Colorado
was to take the children to the Northern California Coast
that we love dearly, for a little salt air and tide pooling
(those pictures to come in the next post).

And also to hug some favorite Grama's, collecting kisses
and memories to grow on.

Family is such a precious thing.  In the loveliest and best
parts we enjoy (which I realize few even have the privilege
to realize) there is a dim picture of what Heaven will be like.

The earthly version of family is severely flawed, but even so,
there is a longing within us to experience the confidence of
To be fully known.
And in spite being fully known, to be accepted still.

I have been undeservedly blessed in my experience
of family growing up.  I am blessed every day to
know the gift of family as I tend to my own little clan.

It is the hope and purpose of both of us parents to help
our children capture a glimpse of Heaven and the huge love
of our Heavenly Father through the tenderest and most
grace-filled family interactions.
All those flawed moments exist too, but they are not to be
confused with the truth of a perfectly sinless vacation/adventure
(yet to come) with our Lord and the ones we love most!

If family is unknown to you in this way and your heart is raw,
I embrace you with an encouragement that it aches because
you desire what you were meant to know.
Grab on to hope and don't let go!  Your day is coming soon.

These pictures are captured and recorded for memories sake.
Perhaps for you, they can be a sparkle of hope for what will come.

My Grandma Arlene, and my Grandma Bethlene down below.

Missing a sister and sis-in-love :-(

Trying to beat Grampa for the highest swing-pumper.
Not looking so successful. ...Or as determined to win :-D

A few pictures from our visit out to Travis's house for some good hard play :-)

Precious bits for memories and little tastes of Heaven.
Come soon Jesus!


Jana said...

Beautiful thoughts and beautiful people. And Amen! Come, Lord Jesus!

Hannah said...

So precious to see you guys enjoying our dear ones! We love you and miss you guys so much...looking forward to eternity together in perfection! :)

Momma Bug said...

Ditto ditto ditto!

Missing the Marvels near Marvel Hill. My heart is lonely without you both and your families :-)

Loving you