Sunday, March 9, 2014


These people who share our blood,

they are the dearest gifts on earth.

Seeking a heart of purpose to cultivate the friendships available underneath our own roof...

right under our noses :-)

Every altercation has the same root: selfishness.

To treat the other as we would want to be treated, that is the uniting theme.

Ever the same in any relationship we value.

Thoughtful kindness.

Respect of feelings. Respect of space. Respect of ideas.

It is a fine line to walk,  knowing when to joke and poke fun - in good fun - for the fun of all...

and knowing when to stop before crossing the line of "no longer fun" for all.

Self control. Preferring the other over yourself.

Because we know that we'll be in that other persons shoes at some time

and what a privilege to have the assurance that that guy - your brother - has your back.

True friendship.


Kathy said...

They are sweet. It looks like you moved their bedroom up to the blue room.

Anonymous said...

Sweet....brothers each others best friends. LOVE it!!

Momma Bug said...

Kathy, true. You know, we just felt too spread out in this house so everyone has been upstairs this winter and I've really loved it.
Makes tucking-in so much less effort for me not having to trek to distant ends of the earth. Haha! Still working on bunk beds though. Almost have another set complete for the big girls :-)

Love you friend

Kendra Zickafoose said...

I would have loved any combination The Lord blessed us with, but it thrills my heart that so far we have two if each! Jack gets a little lonely when his sisters run off to do girl things now and then, but I tell him it won't be too long before little brother can play! I pray they are all friends for life!

Jana said...

Loved this.